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    We entered into a contract on 4/20 and our closing is set for 5/20. We’re in LA and the market is ridiculous. Below is our timeline thus far. What is a realistic closing date?

    4/20- Offer accepted
    4/24- Inspection performed
    4/30- Submitted to credit access. Conditions same day
    5/1- Appraisal performed
    5/3- resubmitted to credit access
    5/4- Credit access approved and bank app submitted to BofA same day
    5/10- HOI submitted
    5/10- Repair estimate and HAND waiver submitted
    5/11- Notification of inquiry on my credit

    Our appraisal has yet to be delivered and I’m worried we’re quite behind with the bank. Its been 7 days since our bank application was submitted. How delayed are we looking? Is there anything else we can be doing to help this process along?


    I think you are on track. I assume you have done the inspection too. If not, that is a pressing issue. From my credit report inquiry till closing, it took about two weeks. See my story here: http://forums.naca.com/?topic=naca-graduates-come-share-your-success-story#post-58825


    30 days sounds like a pretty aggressive close… I have heard 45 is more like it. Do you have an in-house or NACA-approved agent?

    I have also heard that you can call the mortgage department to check status, but I have never tried to do that.

    Good luck.


    I also had a 30-day close on my contact. I closed on day 34, so it was close.

    It sounds like you’re on track.

    One thing to be aware of: you’ll need the Initial Closing Disclosure from the bank at least 3 business days before you close. Mine came a day later than needed and it pushed my close from Friday to Tuesday.

    I had to be pretty persistent and reach out for help beyond my MC when there were snags without an immediate resolution.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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