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    I have been working with NACA since October 2018. I’ve done everything asked of my counselors and nothing has come of it. I have been charged over $60 in fees as well as called weird because my spending habits are “unrealistic.” My first counselor was Demarion Anderson who is no longer with the company. My file was then moved to Latisha Geter who never reached out to me. All my appointments have been cancelled. I will finally get one scheduled then will receive an email saying it’s cancelled. I call member service every other day and am told things like “well your file will get pushed back and you will just have to wait.” So cold and heartless. My file has gone through the qualification process 4 times. I ask what are the conditions so I can fix them immediately and know one knows. I don’t understand. Is something wrong with me and my file? Why am I being treated like a fifth of a person. I can understand if I’m not doing my part, but I am. Why is NACA crushing my dreams. I’m just looking for some help. Why is everyone so cold and uncompassionate. I am 32 years old and have been dealing with NACA since I was 30. I’m coming here humbled with no where else to turn. I don’t know what to do……


    I am really sorry to hear that. This sounds horrible.

    I would like to reflect on when you say you’ve been told your spending habits are unrealistic. You will only get qualified for demonstrating over time for what is deemed realistic. Which could mean without knowing your situation either your MCs think you are spending too much on frivolous things and don’t think your habits will change by cutting them out when you have home expenses or you are living too close to the vest like if you make $500/week and think you can afford $1000 mortgage because you pay that in rent.


    @Bleebellebutler Did they at least provide a written action plan?


    @Bleebellbutler the written action plan would tell you what needs to be done. Also did you go over a budget and they told you what they want you to change?

    I am further in the process now, but I had to take drastic measures and go to an open event to get my file moved. If you can you should consider that. A person who never worked on your file can look at it and tell you what you need to do and if it is a quick fix and you have all your paperwork with you, you may be able to get qualified that day.

    Another option is to call member services every day, until they get you a new counselor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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