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    I started with the program in October. Had so many issues with getting qualified then Hand was worse I honestly broke down in tears because Hand took almost a month between inspection list and rehab specialist. Now it’s been 3 weeks that my application was filed with BOA and still not cleared. I’m so frustrated. Everything says addressed and one entry today says Pending W. does anyone know what that means?


    I started in October as well and still waiting for my file to be sent back to underwriting with all my conditions. I am frustrated as well b/c I’m not sure where my file is at exactly. When I call customer services they say I don’t where your file is at please talk to your MC, when I talk to my MC she said that I have turned in everything required and she is going to resubmit to underwriter. I wait a week or so and call customer service and they say the same thing. They don’t know where my file is at and to contact my MC. I feel like I am in a never ending cycle. My MC is awesome. She is just really busy… I don’t want to keep sending her emails bc I know she has a million clients. How long did it take you to move forward through underwriting? I originally had a different MC who confused me soo much!! He is no longer here. Have you tried to call customer service? They may be able to to help you. When you do you meet with your MC again?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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