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    Hi all
    getting a little nervous. Final CTC with closing amounts not received yet. When did you get yours?


    Generally last minute. I got mine hours before closing – after business hours the night before.

    Did you get your CTC? You can expect your CTC final maybe a day or 2 before closing. You can expect your CTC along with your final CD the day before that though sometimes it’s the same day. You can go back another week or so to expect your initial CD.

    The CTC final will give you the closing amounts but, your title company ought to be the one contacting you with exact amounts, instructions and the schedule for settlement. They will be copied on your CTC final email.

    I was in contact with my title company prior to all of this so they were well aware of what the situation was. They said this happens all the time with BOA and will offer closing for same day as long as they get the get paperwork overnight. So, of course, I got my final CTC at 7pm and the title company responded at 915am the next morning confirming closing for 130pm that day.


    Hi! We are scheduled to close Friday! Hopefully this info helps.

    7/19/19 Signed contract
    8/5 Signed bank apps
    8/22 UW CTC
    8/22 Initial closing disclosure
    8/23 final CTC
    8/27 emailed our CC and MC asking about our status since we haven’t heard anything since the 23rd. They emailed back saying we were on track for closing on time 8/30
    8/27 final CD (in the email response)
    8/29 we have our final walk-through scheduled
    8/30 we are scheduled to close 8:30AM at the Las Vegas Naca office

    Our initial CD had the wrong cash to close. We knew it was wrong, and our MC alerted our CC right away. When we got our final CD yesterday, it was a few thousand (2-3k) LESS THAN what we assumed our cash to close was going to be. We checked in with our MC and CC daily (sometimes multiple times a day) to make sure we were staying on track. (I am very thankful to out MC Laila in the LV office.) I’ve never contacted anyone other than our MC and CC (we had a total of 5 CCs since signing the bank app). (Our MC specifically told us that she didn’t recommend putting our 30 day notice at our apartments until we receive our final CTC.) Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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