What was your timeline after the lender pulled your credit?

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    This is also after being credit access approved


    For me:

    10/18 – Credit Access approved.
    10/28 – Credit pulled by BOA
    11/06 – UW: CTC
    11/07 – Verbal final verification of employment and CTC: Final
    11/12 – Received my initial closing disclosure
    11/14 – Received my final closing disclosure at 7:30 p.m.
    11/15 – Closed

    I hope that helps. I always found that it helped me to understand “typical” (if there is such a thing with mortgages/NACA lol) timelines.

    Everyone truly is different, and what happened to one person won’t be guaranteed to happen to you. I’ve ready many stories on here of people that got things in different order, more steps, less steps, quicker than me, slower than me, etc.


    Bank app submitted 11/14
    Credit pulled (according to Credit Karma) 11/16
    Closed 12/23

    Hope this helps, my full timeline is in a NACA graduates post if you want to know what happened between 11/16 and 12/23.


    Did you ever get packages from Bank of America to sign and return?


    This was answered already by @Bakerthebaker

    Bank of America sends out a standard template package to all customers. In the case of naca members it is a duplicate or you can put it in the round file if you’d like which might be a better idea because filling it out would generate a second loan and prohibit you from moving forward with naca.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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