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    Hi all,

    I’m not sure what’s going on with NACA internal team, but these timelines are astronomical and NO ONE responds. I almost feel like giving up.

    Here’s a glimpse of my timeline so far:

    5/23- Naca home buying workshop
    5/23- Completed my intake information
    6/2- Received email to attend a ATD event
    Still trying to get assigned to a counselor, but no one was able to help smh)
    7/24- Was finally assigned to a counselor and our first session will be on 12/22/2020 (yup, you read that right). In the meantime I sent her an introduction email, no response.
    7/26- I finally spoke to a counselor for the first time at the ATD event.
    7/26- During our intake meeting, she had one action item, which was a landlord verification. Please note, I uploaded this information in real time during our meeting before I signed the action plan, but she said the action plan was already drafted and she couldn’t edit it twice in a 24 hour span.
    7/28- I sent my initially assigned MC another email still no response. Also called my local office to see if there were any cancellations so I can take that spot, but the lady could not help.

    My next meeting won’t be until December and I uploaded my action plan items during my first intake session. I’m so upset I have to wait 4 months for my next meeting.

    I’m in Atlanta and they are buying up all these houses. I’m ready to start my search so I can start putting in offers. This is crazy. Do anyone have any suggestions to speed up the process? Please help!


    Register for another ATD event.

    I have a spot in the 8/9 event that I no long need bc my loan is already with UW and would be happy to share it with you if it’s possible. I would just need your email address to send you my information about when I’m coming up in queue. Not 100 percent sure it would work but we could try @jkp2020


    @tpeguese OMG would you really? That’d would be awesome.

    This is truly a great supportive community. Thank you, thank you!

    Email: @bookingjaszmarie@gmail.com


    Hello TPeguese and jkp2020,

    Unfortunately, ATD event appointments are not transferable. Each appointment is linked to the file of the person registered. A generous offer, but not one that can be accommodated.

    Atlanta is the single busiest NACA office in the country. Even with hiring hundreds of new counselors, creating the Remote Counseling department and the ATD events to help alleviate the extreme burden, five months honestly doesn’t surprise me. Several offices are at four months. The ATD events are booked full through October.

    I’m continually referring to how massive the demand for our services has become, but it seems to be difficult for people to understand the real-life consequences of that demand. That December appointment was literally the first one available.

    Add to that the fact that many of our counselors are still working from home, which has cut them off from their office phones, making communications much more limited. (We may have a solution for that up and running soon though.) Because of that, their email boxes are being flooded daily.

    The only real solution is patience. Don’t give up on trying to get an earlier appointment, but also be prepared for the long haul.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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