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    My intake appointment is scheduled for mid-January, so my understanding is that I’ll be given an action plan to complete and then normal procedure is a follow up appointment with my counselor once I’ve completed the action plan. I’m assuming (based on all the reading that I’ve done) that my action plan is going to entail writing a ton of LOE for my charge-offs and collections and pay off the active collections that are within the past two years.

    I see that there’s an upcoming ATD event about 3 hours away from me at the end of February and I’m wondering if it would benefit me to attend or not? Would attending the ATD event a month after my intake appointment benefit me or not? Would it actually fast-track the process or would the action plan differ from what my counselor tells me? If theres a possibility that I could get qualified at the ATD that would be awesome, but I’m assuming that for that to happen I would also need to have the MRF in my bank account already, right? My MRF is going to be coming from my tax refund and while its a possibility that I might get it in time, its possible that I won’t have it until March.


    It certainly could benefit you. It depends on how ready you are to become qualified in February. You can go through the entire process and become qualified in one day at the event with the caveat of skipping the volunteer requirement. Instead of 1 at least before qualification and 1 at least again before closing you would now need 2 at least before closing.

    However if you haven’t met any time requirements like work history on time payments or payment shock or you don’t have your mrf then the event will take you to the same place as you got to at intake.

    There is a possibility that between your intake and your event you complete your action plan. If that’s the case it might be faster than scheduling a follow up.

    I would go to your intake and judge where you are in your action plan by the event and make a decision then.

    If you do go you should plan on being there all day and maybe the next day too. Most of your time will be spent in line. There might be over a thousand people and only 20 MCs.


    Got it, okay thanks for the clarification. Trying to be patient waiting for the intake appointment. I just wish I had answers to some of my questions so that I could go ahead and get started with my action plan.


    I definitely recommend attending. You can spend 1-2 weeks or even more going back and forth with underwriting and your MC during the qualification phase. Getting potentially qualified in one day plus getting the purchase workshop done that day is a huge way to fast-track things.

    My wife and I went to one and got approved same day and it was great. My recommendation is that if you do go be sure to attend one of the ones on a weekday, if you can. They are usually Thursday-Sunday. If you must go to a weekend one, go as early as possible, right when it starts. Try to go Saturday if you can, so you can go back Sunday if necessary if there are things you need to follow up on.

    I agree with @Nelsont in that you should assess your situation after your intake appointment and see how close you are. If your MC says you need to demonstrate months of savings or you need to wait multiple months for work history or charge off requirements or something, going to the ATD event won’t help. But if your action plan is just small things that can be done relatively quickly, I would look into going for sure! But yeah, it kind of depends on your intake meeting.

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