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    Can anyone please weigh in and help….and give me hope. I’ve been reading several posts and understand the steps to expect, so I don’t feel this is a CTC crazies situation….I fear I’m in limbo…not just lacking patience. I’ve been ahead of schedule all the way up until the bank submission portion and now at a standstill with no idea of whether I’m closing in less than two weeks or not.

    I’m in the DC area. My purchase contract was written with a 45 day close to supposedly allow enough time. I am supposed to be closing in 12 days on July 18th. However, I feel like my file may be stuck in limbo. My MC submitted my bank app almost 3 weeks ago on June 18th which should’ve allowed a full month to get things together, however my web e-file has said the same thing since. “Mortgage Process” (up top) & “Preparations for Credit Access” in the red box under “For new appointment, call xxx”. When I click the link, the conditions section is blank and has been everyday since June 18th. I haven’t seen a “N/A”, “C&I approved”, “Pending”…nothing.

    I’ve tried several times unsuccessfully to get an update from my closing coordinator. I’ve only gotten the intro email from my closing coordinator and despite several attempts to email, call, and leave voicemails, I’ve only had 1 response phonecall from her. She had no updates nor was up to speed on the requested information I already had sent to her from her beginning intro email.
    From my understanding once you submit the bank app, the bank would respond with conditions, and you go back and forth submitting what they need in order to fully satisfy all conditions to move on to the Underwriter clear to close and then final CTC. Well I haven’t received any conditions at all to get started. I’ve sent emails to my CC, MC, office manager, processing, & title company to see what’s going on and what’s needed to get my file moved along. Here’s my timeline below, can anyone please advise? Attempting to get anything from my closing coordinator is not working at all. So who can I get an update or help with to make sure my file isn’t stuck in limbo and actually in queue for review.

    Mon Jun 3 Ratified contract
    Wed Jun 12 MC and I Satisfied all conditions sent from underwriter during “Credit Access Request” status

    Wed Jun 12 Appraisal completed

    Mon Jun 17 Web e-file status changed to “Credit Access Approved”

    Mon Jun 17 received notification that Appraisal was uploaded to Web e-file & able to access it

    Tue Jun 18 Bank app signed and submitted and web e-file status changed to “Mortgage Process:
    Preparations for Credit Access”

    Wed Jun 19 received notification that I’m HAND cleared; HAND approved Rehab Scope of Work budget & I
    accepted; was able to view on web-efile

    Thur Jun 20 NACA processing sent Change of Circumstance and note that redisclosures sent; Title company
    received a copy

    Fri Jun 21 Closing Coordinator sent welcome email; I provided via email response the requested HOI
    Homeowner’s insurance the same day & notified her that my acct was HAND cleared

    Wed Jun 26 Phonecall with Closing Coordinator & told there’s ‘no update to give, bank has backlog, let’s
    wait until Fri Jun 28th to see if bank responds’; reminded her that I did already send HOI info
    and am already HAND cleared

    Fri Jun 28. Called member services to see if any update on file since I still had no bank conditions listed;
    Rep said that my CC made the updates from our phonecall on Wed

    Tue Jul 2. Called left VM for CC and member services rep did chat convo with CC and delivered message to me
    that CC would call me back (heard back nothing)

    Wed Jul 3 Sent an email to MC, CC, office manager, underwriter, realtor requesting update and file
    escalation since no bank conditions have been sent

    Fri Jul 5. left VM (and sent another email to CC); called Member Services and rep delivered message to CC
    that I’m expecting a call; rep told me that my CC just updated file about an hr before I called
    ago that I’m cleared to close by HAND. I replied confused saying that I was cleared by HAND since
    June 19 but CC said there was sonme correction ; called & verified with HAND dept who promptly
    responded (LOVE them :-)) Shot out to Ernest Salazar!) that I’ve been HAND cleared and he even
    sent an email to MC, CC, office manager, underwriter, realtor confirming I’ve been HAND cleared
    since June 19th so there must have been an error in reading the notes in the system and told them
    that I would like to get an update from closing dept

    currently Web e-file status still says “Mortgage Process: Preparations for Credit Access” with no
    conditions listed

    Thu Jul 18 ?? Closing Date per Purchase Contract

    My CC is circling around things such as HAND clearance that were already established since June 19th …..yet I have no conditions from the bank yet…the real issue. Is this typical to not have received even your first set of conditions yet and it’s going on 3 weeks?> If I’m going to be delayed, that’s fine….I’ve come to expect that based on reading other posts, but I just need to make sure I’m even in the race to the finish line at all. I’ve read that some people are in contact with their CC often….am I able to switch CC? Any referrals from the DC region? I need to know someone is actively working on my file and can give me an update…even if the update is…”I haven’t heard anything or still waiting”. Being ignored doesn’t help my planning and anticipation of what to expect or tell my sellers who have no clue or have received a commitment letter on if this is happening still or not. HELLLLLLPPP please 🙁



    Awwww God is Good and always right on time!! I must’ve talked things into happening…Just got a call from my CC… on a Saturday and got my needed update! Yep, I wasn’t crazy…my file was actually Stuck and hadn’t registered with the bank yet so it was in limbo and slipped through the cracks for these past 2.5 weeks moving nowhere. The delay in noticing and responding back was exacerbated by the “all hands on deck” by most offices for the Achieve the Dream events in NY so now folks are playing catch up. She was very apologetic and I totally understand their big backlog and the banks’ backlog with low interest rates and the banks having SOOO much business now due to it. So my file not even getting a position in the long line to wait is a big red flag and is unusual. So she’s got this high on her radar, emailed the lender, and involving her manager too which I’m extremely thankful for. A delay I can be cool with…just glad it’s actually in line to be evaluated and soon I will get some conditions to address. (Whew knew journaling all this 2 hrs ago would bring the deliverance of news I wanted :-). Patience is key but also speaking up when you notice something off was needed and she agreed. I pray my file can get expedited and we play catch up…a delay is not a denial 🙂


    What great news! The NY event was huge turnout. Next week is Virginia. I’m confused why they keep doing large events back to back when they seemed already overwhelmed with the number of cases.


    @living20057 right!?! and that’s what scares me is another one coming this weekend too. So I hope there is some quick movement in the next couple of days before that. Though the folks involved with underwriting are all in-house NACA underwriters and MC that go to that though right? And at my stage of bank submission it should be just Bank of America underwriters which are separate?? Which stage are you in? any insights on how long or what the next webfile status changes should be?


    How do you know if your file has been cleared by hand, will I receive a email? I received closing disclosure on 6/27 via postal mail but was told by my CC that my file hasn’t cleared HAND (seller repairs only; re-inspection completed).


    @dcbuyer yes it’s Naca underwriters and MC’s. If you’re at bank submission, it shouldn’t effect you. I’m still waiting for credit access, hopefully I get looked at before they leave for another event.

    @nsimon you will receive an email from hand specialist saying you’re cleared. If your seller completed the repairs and the re-inspection is done, I would call Hand and request to speak with the specialist. It took me 5 days for my hand specialist to come me back. I called everyday and was put on her call back list. On the last call, when I called she just happened to be available. I had already sent in the documents, she said she would review and email the results. She emailed saying its clear.


    @nsimon17 Yep, just like explained above. You’ll get an email from your Hand specialist who will email you and :CC your webfile, realtor, naca underwriter, MC and CC but like mentioned only after re-inspection of seller repairs and approval of your repair escrow /scope of work

    fingers crossed for you getting looked at soon!


    @dcbuyer what information do you need to provide agent to setup for HOI? I did receive a loan estimate in the mail from BOA with a loan number. Not sure if that will be my actual loan number since I haven’t signed a bank app.


    @living20057 I don’t think I had a loan # generated at the time of receiving my emailed loan estimate from my MC, but it should be a 9 digit number. Just looked back at my email and first emails I have with it listed were after my bank app were signed and I got a change of circumstance to add in my HAND Rehab escrow to loan amount. Mine starts with 292xxxxxx. You will need to provide current hazard insurance / HOI policy and any applicable riders, binders and/or addendums the agent gives you. The paperwork must display the mortgagee clause as shown below. Home Owners Insurance must be for full loan amount and reflect 100% Replacement Cost Coverage and must also include the verbage under mortgagee/additional interests: “Mortgagee Clause Bank of America N.A. ISAOA / ATIMA PO Box 961291 Fort Worth, TX 76161-0291 Loan #:__(9 digits)____ ”


    @dcbuyer thank you. I’ve done quotes online but I think I’m going to talk with an agent to make sure everything is done correctly.


    Thank you @living20057, I followed up with email and phone call today to the HAND Specialist and after speaking, I received a email stating that I was HAND cleared.


    @nsimon17 that’s great news!

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