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    Hi– can you waive repairs as part of the contract? I would still have the inspection done, but would just do the repairs myself instead of asking the seller to do them.


    I believe you would have to make an as-is offer with the understanding that HAND is much more conservative than most home inspectors and you may be required to roll more money into the rehab loan than you can afford. You will not be able waive any repairs HAND marks as required unless they are petty and you will not be able to close without a re inspection proving the repairs were already completed and HAND approves and you will be required to have a contractor do the repairs not yourself.

    It really is in your benefit to make an offer without saying anything about potential repairs. Have the inspection and then negotiate. If it turns out to be too much you can walk away. Doing what you suggest locks you into your contract and you forfeit your EMD and face a potential lawsuit from the seller and/or sellers agency if you walk away.


    Yeah, wait until the inspection so that you can see what HAND says has to be fixed because mine totaled around 8,300, so you know that is something that will have to worked out with the seller and myself through negotiations. And, yes I will be able to walk away if they don’t agree to at least go half on the amount. Don’t lock yourself in unless you have stipulates in the contract that upon inspection if major repairs are needed that the seller won’t take care of, that you can walk away. I don’t know how that works but ask your realtor.


    If you still have funds to cover the cost of the required repairs after you close, then you should be able to request a waiver. I believe that is the only way to do it yourself. If you escrow the reapirs you can not pay yourself.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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