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    Our employers use The Work Number for employment verification. Our MC has asked us to go on the website and verify our own employment. Equifax says we can’t do that. The system won’t allow it.

    I can only download an ”Employee Data Report” that lists my current employer. The first page clearly States this is an unofficial report.

    Has anyone else been asked to verify their employment IF their company uses The Work Number?


    The Work Number is probably the largest and single most common employment verification in the country. Talk to HR. If I remember correctly they gave me the code so I can download the information and send it to them so they can send it in. My employer had 10K employees so if your HR doesn’t want to do that it’s just an employee not willing to work around the red tape.

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    Thanks Nelsont

    I have the code. That’s how I was able to obtain the Employee Data Report. My concern is that it won’t be considered official since it explicitly stated its unofficial.

    If this is common practice then I’ll roll with the flow. I’m trying to avoid a setback.


    Back when they had in office appointments, my MC had me access my own free report on the work number website. Once I did, she downloaded it and uploaded it to my file for qualification.

    No hiccups.



    Thanks Purdynerdy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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