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    I’m in the middle of a rehab with NACA. It’s been nearly two weeks since my draw inspection and my escrow coordinator hasn’t even reviewed my inspection to issue a payment. The first draw inspection was done much faster.

    My contractor needs to be paid to keep the project funded and moving according to timeline. After numerous emails, I still haven’t heard from her.

    What can I do to get my contractor paid? She’s coming out of her own pocket at this point and can’t move forward with payment. It’s threatening the timeline.

    Can anyone assist me?

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    Isn’t that the stipulation? Contractors agree to 100% payment after completion (at closing??? Not sure). There have been many posts on this topic contractors who don’t have funds bankrolled will need to secure a construction loan. Have things changed?


    You can get partial draws based on completed work. They already received one. They don’t have to wait until everything is completed.

    Not every contractor does construction loans. Contractors in my area are usually cash funded. Even certified 203k contractors rely on a consistently funded project and at least with other programs they get it faster.

    I just can’t wait to be done. My contractor is moving so quickly and is working despite pay, but there something they cannot do without funds.



    Any insight on this please. Is there someone higher up I can escalate this to (aside from the HAND Director – who doesn’t return my emails)?


    Did you ever get a resolution on this? I am panning on getting a rehab loan and I’m very nervous about the process.




    Hello purdynerdy,

    Unfortunately the HAND department and director are the only ones that can address of the your contractor getting paid. Please contact our National Queue at 425-602-6222 select Option 5.

    Veneka Quick,
    Online Operations, NACA


    I did for my last draw. Now I’m having to do the same waiting game for the next one. My contractor is understandably frustrated.

    I will NOT recommend a rehab. HAND is just so difficult to work with. I’m just ready to be done.


    I’m trying to buy a multi family property that needs some work but between the low appraisal (not NACAs fault) and the HAND required repairs rigmarole I’m seriously thinking about going with SONYMA. How is your rehab taking a year, what happens when you go past the 6 month deadline to have repairs completed? I guess nothing if it’s out of your hands?

    Another big issue I am having is getting estimates. I’ve reached out to 15 contractors, only a single person actually gave me one but I had to pay for it. I’m scared that even if I can close on the house I won’t be able to find anyone to do the work. They are all busy because of the insane real estate market. Add to that the hoops to be jumped with HAND.


    Don’t use NACA. It’s way more stress and trouble than it’s worth.

    Just like other areas of NACA. They are slow, inefficient with too heavy of a workload.

    I should get participation credits for steering people away. They can’t even handle the workload they have now.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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