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    I am having a really hard time with trying to get an MC or a meeting. I have gone to two American Dream events and have been told that I am “ready to go” but I cannot move forward without my MC. Well that’s the problem, for about 2 months I have been trying to get a hold of my MC. I have emailed the DC office. I have called the hotline. I have used the chat. When I called I was told I would get an appointment. I did receive and appointment but it was 2 months out. (end of August) The office does not reply to my emails and the chat is of no help.

    Here is the last interaction with I had with the chat just to show you how frustrated I am. I had asked the agent for my MC’s contact info at which point she told me my meeting was cancelled and here was the interaction from there:

    The August 24th appointment
    So who is my MC. My lease is about to be up?
    Is there a manager at the office you can give me contact information for? Are you able to assign me an MC.

    Tarra Chislom
    I do apologize, however, due to no response or activity this chat is being closed, if you would like to chat again, please feel free to join us via NACA Live Chat at or you may contact our Member Services Department at (425)602-6222. Have a wonderful day!

    I did respond and asked you several questions
    you did not respond to them

    As you can see I asked her a question and she disconnected the chat instead of answering. How does NACA expect us to advocate for them when they treat people so poorly. I think NACA could really be a great program but it seems they are overwhelmed and operate like this on purpose. How are you asking members to generate more membership when you have not even assisted the members that you already have. It is frustrating. My lease is up in November and I do not feel confident that I will be able to close by then. It’s even frustrating that I work for a mortgage company and know this is not the typical treatment of a mortgage company.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can get an MC to review my file or a contact that will actually respond from the DC office. It would literally be the easiest review they have ever done but I can’t get anyone to pick up the file. I’m at my whits end and I do not want to sign a lease for another year or live in a hotel (probably not even an option with COIVD). Someone please help!



    I went through NACA in DC a few years ago and the office boss DJ at that time was very helpful and had been there enough time to have seen it all. DJ dmircetic[at]

    He told me at that time if I email, make sure to make it quite clear with big letters what I need since he is typically bombarded with emails.

    He is not a silver bullet that ensures help, but at least that’s a person.

    MY BIGGEST ADVICE – Be open to signing a month to month lease come November because honestly NACA isn’t quick or reliable enough to bet on in that way. Take everything you know about how it should work from your deep knowledge of mortgages, and toss that knowledge into the garbage, because this is it’s own animal.

    I learned about NACA in the following way, “There’s a too-good-to-be-true program out there better than any other, but it is slower and more disorganized than anything else including the DMV, and it literally may leave you completely in the lurch. It’s not good in competitive markets, you can’t rent your home later, and it will be hell if you are an organized person who can’t deal with a complete mess or needless stress. But when it works, it works better than anything out there.”

    That’s how I treated it. I got the NACA dc in house real estate agent since I figured that would make it easier. I did a new build with a completion date really far out since I knew they frequently didn’t close on time. Even then things didn’t totally work correctly. But I’m in my house in DC.


    Thank you hun, I actually have been including DJ on my emails and still have not received a reply. I did not realize that he was the manager though. I am pretty sure that I have fallen through the cracks. I believe DC is not replying because they don’t show me as being assigned to them. The chat told me I don’t have an MC even though my action plan shows that I am assigned to Scottie.

    I was told not to apply for anymore credit but I am ready to just get a mortgage broker and apply however as you stated NACA is a very competitive product so I do not want to apply and mess things up with them. I just wish if NACA is not willing/able to assist me that they would let me know. I think it is getting to the point where I need to find another mortgage product. There is no option to go month to month and I DO NOT want to sign another lease for a year. Thanks again for your help.


    Wow! I am also in the DC area and attended the ATD event this past weekend. I was told my file looked good, yet I’m awaiting a follow-up appointment next month to receive the employment verification and rental verification forms.

    A form can literally be emailed in seconds, yet I’m waiting a month for someone to send it. It’s so disappointing. My lease is up in November. I figured I’d get a head start on things, but I seems there is no way around the chaos and confusion.


    It does sound counter intuitive but, its based on government regulated security and document control. The VOE and VOR documents become invalid if they touch your hands after the landlord/leasing company/employer fill them out. Ideally you would never see them. You would provide the appropriate contact information and they would be sent directly to the right people who would then return the documents directly to naca. Since naca is set up in such a way that your dues must be paid/current and have an appointment to see a counselor, then having the counselor provide information only directly to the member during the scheduled appointment is a way to help combat identity fraud. I’m not sure how it works right now seeing as everything is virtual. Up until March the VOE and VOR were actual pieces of paper that had to be handed to you in the office.

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    @newbeginnings2020 Well good luck honey. I have heard the program can be long but it’s worth it in the end. That’s what keeps me holding on … it’s worth it in the end. I did receive an email today stating that someone was going to schedule a meeting with me … of course I have also received that email before so fingers crossed this time will be different! Hopefully we will both be in our new home for the holidays! 🙂


    @DeeCee pretty much nailed the response on this one.

    The NACA program requires a level of patience and persistence most people have never experienced before. A lot of people think they can handle it, I’ve seen the program break people down beyond repair. I’ve seen people diligently work with the program for 1-2 yeas and ultimately throw the towel in and not only come out of pocket a large amount of money, but with ridiculous fees and far higher interest rates. I’ve also watched peoples entire financial health be turned around with the foundation of home ownership the program brings.

    I’ve been very active with the program for over 5 years now. I have essentially seen it all. The highs, the lows, from multiple perspectives. Currently in 2020, even pre-covid, things are getting tougher in the program. As years have gone by things are simply getting tougher. The demand is at an all time high. There’s simply only so much NACA employees can do. That and the fact that so little amount of people at Bank of America underwrite these loans. Factor in covid, the hand department is massively set back, everything is up in the air. There is absolutely NO way around the chaos and confusion.

    Being in a home by November is a long shot to say the least. These loans typically take 60~ days or more to close these days. That’s already 2 months. That leaves you 2 months to be qualified, locate a home, and ratify a contract. Not much time at all.

    Qualification is the EASY part of the entire process. So for those who are having a tough time in this stage (Regardless of if it is their issues or not)….You’re in for a long process.

    In the end I’ll always be an advocate for the program for better or for worse. The process is indeed flawed, but I’ve witnessed thousands upon thousands of peoples lives turned around by the absolutely phenomenal financial foundation the program brings across the country.


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