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    I have a question about a HOA. I am in the housing search again and I found a nice townhome in my price range but it says in the MLS that there is no HOA. I thought all townhomes had an HOA so I was surprised. My question is will naca allow you to purchase a townhome that does not have an HOA? I know they have a requirement that most units have to be owner occupied so I’m not sure how I would find out this information. There are only about 30 units. I would hate to have my offer accepted and then find out that most are being rented out.


    Older communities often don’t have hoas because they didn’t really exist before the 70s.

    Hoa is not exclusive to the type of house nor is the type of house exclusive to the hoa. It’s completely dependent upon the community association.

    The owner occupancy rule only applies to your house. You cannot rent it. It makes no difference what your neighbors are doing.


    @nelsont thank you for clearing that up, the wording in the workbook was a little confusing to me.


    For condos and townhomes, I had to do a condo questionnaire for BOA. There were questions about the association fees, the cash reserves to cover capital expenditures, copies of their financial statements, and at least 50% of the units have to be owner occupied.

    My realtor always spoke to the listing agent about the questionnaire before we made an offer. I wasn’t able to offer on one place because 3 of 4 units were rented.


    @sunflower8 I’m looking at a townhome today that does not have an HOA so I just didn’t know how it would work if I put in an offer. I don’t know how we would be able to find out about the occupancy information or rental information. I guess my agent would find out how that would be handled with naca.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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