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    My MC is basically telling us our Payment Shock – which we followed by doing exactly what the ATD UW told us – is too complicated for the underwriters to look at easily, so they might not bother trying to figure it out – in spite of being given a detailed roadmap of each transaction. It’s doubly frustrating that, while our MC is trying to advocate for us, he is also often confused about the facts he is trying to present. Has anyone else had this sort of issue? How was it resolved?

    I recognize that our situation isn’t the norm – we have multiple accounts, and have been paying down multiple credit card balances and had to make house repairs – but I made a chart explicitly showing everything and the attitude of “they won’t bother to figure it out” is really upsetting.

    We’re now living in a rental that covers our entire Payment Shock amount, so it went from crazy complicated to dead simple, but this has been a ridiculously stressful two weeks of bad communication with our MC and (presumably) the UW.


    It has been my experience that the UW will not connect any dots…3 times, qualification, credit access and bank app I had to write LOEs for transfers between my linked savings and checking account on the same statement. Every pay period I would transfer a certain amount of money to my savings account. Every time though I got a condition to explain the transactions.

    Your MC does have a point. Having fewer accounts is always easier. The more accounts the more likely the UW will not understand. It’s not ideal but, it’s what we have to work with.

    If you have more than one account the best way to work it is to have 1 main account where everything funneled into and out of. Other accounts should be primarily for savings and nothing else. Agreed though, this should not matter.


    If you spell everything out for the underwriters they will usually accept it. We had 2 active accounts, 2 closed accounts, and plenty of exceptions such as one time payments that didn’t count as income and one time credit card payments to pay off credit cards.

    It was a lot, but I wrote a LOE and had a screenshot from an Excel spreadsheet for all of it, and the underwriters accepted it. So while they are right that it may be confusing, I don’t think they won’t look at your LOE/Chart and figure it out.

    As @Nelsont said, they might not connect the dots for you, which is fine. But if you explain everything to them, usually you’re fine.


    I hope that’s so – I made a chart showing everything and uploaded it as an LOE. My MC was having difficulty following it for reasons I can’t understand, but maybe the UW will find it easier. I am happy to put in any amount of explanatory work, I just need my MC to communicate what those things are.


    Welp, it took two weeks, a lot of unanswered calls and emails, and an hours of work repeating information I had already provided – but we’re back to Qualification – Pending today. At this rate, maybe we’ll get a chance to take advantage of whatever is coming in 2020… haha


    Well, I hope you get qualified for real this time!


    Haha.. me too! Or at least a timely explanation of why we’re not, and no accidental misclicks on our status.


    For sure. The holidays are likely going to slow it down a bit, so be prepared for that. But hopefully you get qualified before the end of the year!

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