To anyone starting the NACA process get your rental verification asap.

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    @jkp2020 I’m not sure her post seems very detailed and I’ve honestly never saw anyone else saying anything about business cards and ink signed ledgers. Some people have said that they didn’t want their landlords to know they were going through the process and then it was suggested that they use their rental ledger and show in 12 months of bank statements where the payments were withdrawn. Just ask your counselor to let you know when their sending and give the best method of contact so there are no delays in your form being completed.



    I believe you may have misunderstood my post. There are certain levels to the NACA process. When you meet with your MC they will look at your finances. Go over what is required of you to be NACA qualified. Give you and action plan, request documents and the like. Before you can become NACA qualified there will be certain documents that are requested for your file to be submitted and reviewed by the underwriter to be NACA qualified. One of those requirements is rental verification, and a rental ledger. A rental ledger is basically a document that states that you paid X amount of dollars on this given date since you started your rental lease at your current property. They may also request your previous address rental ledger of you have resided in your current place of residence for less than a year. They will sometimes require a year to two years of history. Think of it as a credit card statement. They want to make sure you have been an outstanding renter and haven’t missed or have been late on any payments.

    This is something you want to keep on top of and not wait for it to be the last document submitted to your file before it can be looked at with an underwriter.

    This post was mainly to be a voice of warning others that they may face a hard time getting this done. Each person has a different landlord, property management and leasing office who all conduct business differently.

    This started a good discussion and I’m glad I posted it so that members can advocate for themselves long before they face any surprises.

    I am currently pushing 80 days under contract with a little over half a year with NACA. I have seen it all at this point. All of your (NACA members) frustrations I can relate to. There will be many headaches on your journey but always keep you ultimate goal in mind.

    Push forward each and every one of you.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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