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    Just had my 3rd phone follow up and once again I was told as soon as I submit an explanation for a $400 dollar withdrawal I would be submitted to underwriting. I was also told I was gone be submitted to Underwriting a month ago today and still haven’t been submitted. Then my counselor had the nerves to ask me “Do I have a date set to be in a house because I seem very urgent, so I replied I definitely don’t want to be in NACA forever and his comeback was we have people thats been in NACA for 2 or more years. To be honest this is actually starting to become very comical.


    Hello pgriffin9166,

    What you are considering comical is in fact very serious. We very clearly tell our members to not begin the house-hunting process until they are qualified. Yet so many members fail to abide by that insturction and wind up disappointed and frustrated because the house they picked out before they even knew they were qualified for a mortgage gets bought by someone else. Then they try to blame NACA for not acting fast enough when in fact they deliberately failed to follow instructions.

    And yes, there are those who spend two years in the program before they finally close. Normally it is because they have failed to follow instructions, have financial issues that must be explained or cleared up, or are not ready for home ownership for some other reason. This kind of delay happens far more often than anything caused by the MC.

    As for your situation, I will send your MC a reminder note that you have submitted the withdrawal explanation your were asked to provide.

    Tim Trumble
    Online operations, NACA


    Hi Tim,

    Thanks again! I truly understand what you mean. The only issue with my MC is he gives me these dates that I think he has no intention on honoring and whats funny about it is I don’t ask him for a date or time frame.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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