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    NACA exists to help in the area of low and moderate income members, I lost my home in 2010 in short sale(under water) however there are challenges.

    1- I am sure there are supervisors to oversee the good performance of the MCs.
    2- I am sure that others are looking at reasons for ROADBLOCKS on certain members’ files.
    3- Why a file has to resubmit 5 to 6 times, sometimes for the same reason.
    4- One example is that my MC waited for about a month each time to resubmit my file to UW. Just lately, file had never been submitted, she was nowhere to be communicated with despite numerous emails and texts, receptionist even refused to connect me with her.(my friend said that’s disrespectful) but I understand we are not perfect. I am about to give up and seek other avenues. All my docs were ready since day one w/NACA.


    I’m in a similar situation. I get it that there are many people trying to do this process but the repetitive submission to the UW is quite annoying. For me its like if A, B, and C are needed then why aren’t I told in one shot. I’m started to feel like time is being wasted so that I have to pay for another credit report. Communication needs to be better amongst the MCs as well.


    Yeah I’m in the same boat guys. This is my 4th time of not being qualified and it is becoming very discouraging. I definitely agree with how you feel about wanting to know everything that is needed upfront instead of having to keep going back and forth. I’m trying to stay positive though.


    My family is also going through the same thing. This is so discouraging. It’s been almost a year since we joined NACA. I thought after 3 months, we’d be starting our house search– NOT. Maybe they are short staffed due to COVID. I just wished they would communicate this to us.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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