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    Perhaps I lost my temper. All I am saying is to keep your eyes open. Don’t release any contingencies for your loan. Make a post if NACA actually closes your loan. I would like to know if the program is actually real. I know they misled me and came up with false reasons to deny me. Maybe I’m a special case and the BBB rating of “F” are also special cases. Maybe.


    Does your qualification letter state $80 or $800?
    I’m sure if you went through all of the trouble of getting qualified that you would have gone the extra mile to clear up a clerical issue. Every “mistake” that NACA made I countered with documentation and facts and it worked out for me.


    Why does the underwriting take so long. They’ve had my file for a month. I would rather a quick no, than a long limbo. I get asked by my employers contantly(they know I’m looking to purchase and have been very supportive)how’s it going, I have been telling them and my family and friends, it shoulding be long. They are all giving me that, who are you dealing with what’s going on, we’ve never seen anything like this. You should talk to who I dealt with…. It’s starting to get embarrassing giving them updates when they ask… I started in October going to my first workshop and I feel like I’m still in that I don’t know phase… I how can you be so close, yet so far…


    Hello cynmercy,

    Quite often, waiting for that final approval from Underwriting can be the most difficult part of the process, becauses you know you are so close. Unforutnately, that is the one part of the process where the lender is in complete control and there is no pressuring them for a quick answer.

    As I always advise our members patience is one of the most important tools you have in the process. As for your friends and co-workers, you might want to remind them how much your patience is going to pay off and brag a bit about the below-market interst rate you are goin gto get and how there’s no down payment or closing costs. (Make ’em jealous that they didn’t get that good of a deal!)

    The response on your Clear to Close will come through as soon as possible, and probably when you least expect it. Until then, keep remembering how much money your patience is going to save you over the next 30 years.

    Please make sure to keep us updated on your progress. Thanks!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    I know this is probably the right “NACA” response, but I’d go down to the NACA office and wait for your MC to talk to you. More than likely, they have something back from UW, but they are so overworked that your not on their top priority. IF you are going to make it through this process, you have to be the driver, you can’t sit back and wait for someone to call you, because that call won’t ever come.
    The program does work, I close on my house on Friday. But literally it is blood, sweat, tears, and lotz of prayers that gets your through the process.
    Hope that helps.


    Thank you Thomas54,
    I think you’re right on both accounts. I probably wouldn’t be this annoyed if I was told ahead of time that this process would take way longer. My MC gave me an estimated time line of how long it should take from going to the underwriters and then to the bank for my approval… He submitted the paperwork the first week of May, he estimated it would be with the underwriters for a few days, but he padded a week, and then another week with the bank, but padded it with an additional week. So while expecting a three week process, it’s now going into a month and a half. My MC advised, since It’s going to take about a month to get cleared and the approval is good for 90 days, I should start looking. What’s the point of looking around when there is no idea of when the approval is going to take. I stopped looking, it sucks seeing houses you were fancying getting snatched up when you don’t have a horse in the race. Sorry, but I’m starting to get really frustrated. I’ve sent emails to my MC checking status, he’s been good at returning my emails. But all response have been no info yet and they aren’t asking for additional information requested. I came into the process with all my “I’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed. No credit red flags and all I had to do is save my shock payment. Hopefully I’m wasting my time venting and I get my approval shortly. Fingers crossed

    Latay Massey

    Hi Cynmercy

    I understand that is very frustrating to have to wait so long . Keep in mind that the underwriting process is unpredictable . Certain banks take longer .

    I would not advise you to stop looking for a home but to continue to find a home for you and your family.

    Patience is the best tool to have when going through this process . It is time consuming and requires for one to have tenancity.

    Before you know it you will be in your new place looking back on this process and thinking that it was well worth the wait.

    Besides you will have accomplished what some people could only dream of, HOMEOWNERSHIP !!

    Latay Massey
    online Operations NACA


    I am patiently waiting. My file currently states, waiting for underwriter to decision file as of June 6. This is the 5 time it has gone to underwriter to decision file. I keep sending what they request of me. I’m just wondering are they playing games with me, messing with my head or what? Is it about numbers and formulas? The latest which I had to submit was another hardship letter. They wanted more specific details, so I submitted as many details as I could. I’m just wondering how long? It really gets me when it keeps going to underwriter to decision file. I guess it’s a good sign that I haven’t gotten an outright no! I don’t know.

    Latay Massey

    Hi Opharoah1

    The underwriters are very critical about documentation that you provide and documentation that they need in order to process you

    No they aren’t playing with your head. It’s just
    time consuming .

    Keep the faith and have patience I gurantee that it will work out in your best interest.

    Latay Massey
    Online Operations NACA


    anyone with experience with UW in Atlanta. I should be going to UW this week.


    This whole process is making me crazy (like I’m seriously thinking of going to see a therapist). My application went to underwriting on May 11th (a Friday) and my MC gave me a list of further documentation needed by the bank the following Monday (three items). I sent EVERYthing by May 22nd, and here it is almost three weeks later, and STILL no word from the bank. I have emailed my MC to see if he can give me a status and NOTHING (funny, he doesnt mind contacting me when I need to do something). I will try contacting my MC again tomorrow and will ask if I can contact the underwriter myself (I DO have that right, since they have all my personal info).If I don’t hear anything by June 22nd (a MONTH after I sent the “final” docs to the underwriter), I am DONE with NACA.


    @packedandready have you closed yet? where are you located.


    @ channon1208. To my knowledge, no VOE has ever been sent by my new MC (which is the same as my original MC) to my other half’s employer. We are now well into month 19 of the NACA application process and cannot get out of NACA underwriting. The only thing holding us up is the simple verification of employment. Underwriting came back with that as a final request over a month ago. This exact chain of events happened to us last summer. We had gotten right up to being NACA qualified then were andoned for several months. No return calls or emails, just silence. In answer to your question, we are working through the Houston NACA office.


    Thanks for responding @packedandready. The same thing happened to me in 2011. My last MC appointment he told me he was submitting my file to be qualified and I did not hear anything for over 8 months. I had to write 3 complaint letters to get a response and an appointment. I was assigned a new MC who got me qualified in 2 months. I am waiting to sign my bank app which was supposed to have happened last Thursday but I needed to submit something for my credit access which I did the same day. I have my contract, escrow paid, HOI quote, HAND bid submitted and ready to sign my bank app and get a CTC. What they fail to empathize with is the stress and frustration we feel as buyers. Too come from so far and get so close only to be in limbo. I’m grateful for the program but we are human. I pray you close soon and please do the same for me, we are going to need it. I’m with the Atlanta office.


    I received a call today to go the NACA atlnata office a nd sign my bank app, I am getting closer to my dream. My
    realtor informed me that they will requesting an appraisal to make sure the price I am paying is fits the value of the home. I am concerned there the house 79,900 and it has less than 2,000 in reapirs. I am also buing down points of 3,000 to make my HAND required repairs and wish list items are covred. I still my MRF, I used 1000.00 for escrow, home inspection and termite insepction and letter. I had no shock payment and I have my 1 year HOI and 1 year tax money.My MC says I on right on track becuase i send paystubs bank statements, and 30 day activity every pay peroid. I also send in a copy of my canceled rent chek all before them asking me. I stay pro-active. I eamil my MC. Realtor and the loan dept every other day to see if they need anything from me. I learned from havin a MC who left me right at the beeing submitted for quailification. This is my drean and no one is expected to work harder than to make it come true. All of this needed to be done without doubt, worry, fear or frustration because those things will cause you to give up. I will not stop what has worked for me until I am at the closing program. I find this program works best when we as members take control. I wrote letters and filed complaints when my 1st MCI becam MIA and I was assgined on the best MC’s in office. Too close to trun back now.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 154 total)
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