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    My spouse and I were making sure that we have no issue before sign-up with NACA. Besides, after one year with long appointments, file was still not approved. It was summited to underwriter in July and returned twice. Now we are still trying to figure out how to complete the Student Loan Stimulator. Do you know how to print them showing the URL and student’s name when printing in order to submit to underwriter again, otherwise, it will return for a 3rd time.
    Thank you.


    **** I forgot to mention that my MC was unsuccessfully trying to help me with the Student loan stimulator. Do you know any outside professional or a way to print them out?
    Please this is what stop us.


    Usually it’s a setting in the web browser. Maybe you can Google how to print with a url header or footer using your version of the web browser. To find the version number click on about in the settings.


    Thank you so much, however, the underwriter wants to see my name on top of the paper which is impossible. Each appointment is a 90 days window.


    Someone over on the unofficial Facebook page can help you. I’ve seen this question posed and answered there, but I don’t recall the steps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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