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    I have worked hard for the last year getting myself financially ready to purchase a home, with the intent to go through NACA. I paid off old debts, and saved. The pandemic hit, and I used that time to work a second job to save even more. I signed up for my first appointment in December and was given the date of March 31st as the first available appointment. I uploaded the requested documents, and while on the website I saw the information about Achieve The Dream! I connected with the live support to get more information and I was told what to upload and how to sign up. I was also informed that in doing so, if all of my information was in order that there was the possibility that I would move straight to underwriting. I signed up and was given a date of March 21, 2021 for ATD. I received a confirmation and notification of when to sign in. I met with my counselor. I understand that the counselors can be anywhere in the US, and they are working from home. My counselor had her child in the room, who was fussy and crying through my meeting. She asked me very few questions, and ran through my file, explaining very little of what she was doing. At on point she asked me about my student loans, and I uploaded the information immediately while we were on the call. As the call concluded, she provided me with an action plan that included additional tax forms and LOE. I inquired what the next steps were and she told me to update my information from the action plan for my follow up meeting, which would be the 3/31/2021 meeting. During the call, I received a confirmation email/text for the 3/31 meeting, to which I responded.

    I worked to gather the additional information and uploaded it on the NACA site. I received several meeting confirmation text/emails about my upcoming meeting, and responded that I would attend. 3/31/2021 came and I cleared my schedule for the time of my appointment. I waited to receive additional information about my meeting login, and nothing came. I called the office, and no one answered. I signed on to the live support, and no one came on the site. The appointment time came and went, and still nothing. I emailed my counselor after calling several times again. The counselor finally wrote back several hours later, and told me that she didn’t have access to my file or my referenced appointment, and gave me the name of Patrice Gray to further assist me. I wrote to Ms. Gray, and have not heard anything back from her. I logged in to the online support and was instructed to call the national number to sign up for a follow up appointment. I have called the number several times, no one answers. I sit on hold for 30 minutes and then the call disconnects. Same thing happens when I call my local office. I am really hoping that I do not have to go back to the beginning of the cue, and wait another 3-4 months. I really would like to go through the NACA process, I have heard great things. I really wish I could get someone to tell me what is next, and to sign up for my follow-up appointment. If anyone has any suggestions of what my next steps should be, please help!!!

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