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    First, I love my counselor! She is friendly, follows ups, encouraging the only thing is, she is new. When I ask her questions, most of the time she doesn’t know the answer, but promises her supervisor will call me with a follow up and he never does. She usually emails the response from her supervisor, but again, he doesn’t call as promised so I can never ask any on the spot follow up questions. I usually would need to email her and wait for a response. No, I don’t want to file a complaint just venting at this point.

    Now to my question, should I just fax in all new documents for my counselor? I usually fax in bank statements and pay stubs as soon as I get them, but recently I find my appointments pretty wasteful as I’m being asked to send in documents I’ve already sent before. Sometimes I help my MC find the documents by providing the date and how many pages I sent and other times I just give up and refax it in. I’m truly considering sending in 30 days worth of pay stubs, bank statements, credit card statements, transcripts, all the LOEs over again just to help out. Is this advisable or will it hinder the process from going forward? If that’s not a good idea, how can I help my MC sort out documents?

    From my understanding it’s hard to find documents through their system so resending documents helps them tremendously. I don’t mind, but the next session I would really like to hear “Your file was submitted to underwriting” not “Can you fax me in your October bank statement again?”.


    Hello Searching4Homes,

    Actually the statement “the only thing is, she is new” is sort of the key phrase here. She hasn’t quite learned yet that that promising a phone call is about the worst thing she can do. I frequently note here that trying to reach your counselor by phone is about the least efficient way to do so, and that you should always use email as your first choice. She apparently just hasn’t caught on to that yet.

    Sending in all new documents from scratch will likely make things worse instead of better. The reason you are asked to resubmit documents is because there are already a large number of documents in your file, which can make locating any certain one very time consuming, which is a luxury your counselor just can’t afford. It’s a much more efficient use of her time to ask you to submit something again, which then makes it “top of the stack” and much easier to find. Submitting everything again will only create a stack twice as high.

    Don’t forget that WE want your file to be submitted to underwriting too. The fastest way to get your file submitted to underwriting is to simply give your counselor your complete cooperation.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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