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    I have been lurking on these forms for several years now (YES, I said years). I am finally in what I feel is a comfortable position to begin my Naca journey. I went to the initial workshop some time ago and have a NACA #. I saw that an ATD event is coming up in my area in a couple of weeks but I am not sure I should attend.

    1. I won’t have my all of my MRF until March 15th.
    2. I have 2 NSF on my bank account from an unauthorized charge last month (the bank refunded them).
    3. I owe the IRS but have been in a payment plan (set u by the IRS for over a year).
    4. I want to purchase a multi-family property

    I may not be qualified at the ATD event but is it even worth me attending to move through the process faster? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


    I’d say yes. Especially if one will be in your area. I think there are really only 2 reasons not to attend:

    1. You have recently had an intake and have no more updates and know for a fact you cannot get qualified yet

    2. Cost of travel would be prohibitive and prevent you from saving payment shock

    Otherwise even if you know you can’t get qualified you can at least start the ball rolling again. You might be better off than you thought.
    In your list #1 will prevent you from being qualified on the spot but you can still get set up with an MC in your area and schedule an appointment. 2 and 3 might be able to be scratched out. #4 has no bearing on your qualification.

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    NACA can work with all of this issues. I would definitely attend and see what happens, as long as it isn’t a huge burden to do so.


    If you already attended the workshop, but haven’t gone to Intake yet, going to ATD is a HUGE advantage. We drove 6 hours each way in a single day to go to it, and it was absolutely worth it. The hope is to help people qualify in one day at ATD, but the reality is you’ll get through as much of the process as you can even if you don’t qualify that day, so you’ll be many appointments ahead.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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