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    Our landlord has not deposited our rent check for this month. We sent her a message and she has not responded, she frequently travels out of the country. The problem is we are approaching the end of our bank statement and risk having 2 rent withdrawals on the next statement, artificially increasing this months balance. Do you think NACA will be able to make an exception or will we be delayed another month? I just don’t know that we will be able to make up an additional rents worth of savings on top of our payment shock for February.


    You should be fine with a LOE. You should also try and get a receipt from your landlord with a note in the memo. Sometimes online bank transaction histories will show pictures of the canceled check. You can use that to show the check was dated in January and deposited in February along with a signed note from your landlord.


    An LOE will surely suffice. I had a similar situation where my banks statement cycle ended a few days earlier than it usually did (Chase has weird cycles that are not always the same time-frame each month, I think they use a variable 28-32 day schedule or something like that) so my wife actually got an extra paycheck added onto a previous months statement as a result. This did the same thing to us, it artificially inflated our checking account so the next month after this happened it made us look very short in the savings department for our payment shock.

    I wrote a LOE explaining it and had no issues. Typically when things happen outside of the norm that are not in your control, an LOE will take care of it as long as you can show what happened!


    Hello Olive James,

    A Letter of Explanation will be adequate, but also make sure to include a copy of the cancelled check when you can get it just to prove the situation.

    You’ll be fine and there should be no delays.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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