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    I am not very confident in my realtor. This is my first home and I’ve read multiple topic in the forum about the good and bad in this process. I feel my realtor isn’t doing much. (not that i really know how much is enough). But I feel like i am doing the work for them. I was initially sent multiple homes far outside of my approved monthly payment. When asking why i received these listings i was told “oh it will be a small buy down” but knowing the property tax and the listing price i knew for sure i couldn’t afford those homes. I actually found a home on my own, a new construction already built. I put in the offer with my realtor and that was it. The seller has been contacting me about different paperwork and I relay this to my realtor who says to not worry about it, just let them know naca is the lender. I feel like i am doing too much follow up with the seller and the realtor when the realtor could speak directly to the seller on my behalf. My fear is that i will lose out on this home because of an error from my realtor. Any advice?


    The realtor should be doing almost all of the speaking for the seller on your behalf. So I feel that your suspicions that they could be doing more are true.

    When it comes to realtors, if you aren’t getting the service you feel you should, you are always free to work with someone else. It happens.


    The best experience you can have with an agent is one in which you are indeed active and doing a lot of the legwork yourself. Unfortunately unless your agent spends enough time with to really know your thought process, your finances, what you like and what you are comfortable with then my best advice is browse listings yourself and send only the listings you want to take a look at over to your agent.

    Naca is not the lender. Naca is an advocacy group that offers counselling. Bank of America is the lender.

    Your agent seems to have a lasseiz faire attitude which is not what you really want. You are under contract so it’s not the best but, you should probably look into getting a new agent or having a discussion with them about what you expect. The seller should definitely not be contacting you for anything under any circumstance and in many cases that is illegal.


    at this point I am scared to get a new agent because we are so far into the process, I just want my home smh.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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