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    I was qualified in August of this year and my Affordability form and Qualification Letter reflect the August 2020 date.

    However I went back to be qualified for more than the amount I was originally qualified for in August.

    I was resubmitted and paid for another credit check , sent back to UW and thankfully that mission has been accomplished.
    The new Affordability form with the new amount is dated October. However the Qualification form is still showing August’s date.

    Shouldn’t the date on the Qualification form be consistent with the new Affordability Form of October?
    And besides October is more “current” than August and thus sellers would be more receptive to me is my thinking.

    Also does anyone know of a NACA approved realtor and property inspector local to Oklahoma city?
    Currently on the hunt.

    Thanks for any feedback one and all.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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