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    Just trying to get some guidance/feedback on how some of you got past this.
    3 conditions basically about budgeting which as far as qualification conditions go is not a bad thing.

    1. Signed budget. Reviewing the Naca Qualification Workbook (page 16-18 i think) – No place to append a signature. Do i just add a blank page with my signature and re upload.

    2. “Realistic budget based on spending habits from banking statements”. I will have to revisit this and tweak the budget form as needed. Truth is i live below my means. My expenses are low, very low.
    3. “Complete data entry on all tabs” – Are they referring to the 3 columns: Workshop , Actual , Goal? What i u;loaded originally only included info of my ACTUAL income/expenses. Nothing for Workshop or Goal. Not even sure of what i would enter for Workshop if i am reading this correctly.

    These all seem like avoidable rookie mistakes. So if you are going through the Qualification process, please take heed to save you time.

    Any input / guidance will be highly appreciated.


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    I would just sign and date it on any blank spot. No need for a second page.

    Not really sure what that means. My guess is either they think you aren’t taking things into account and want to show you can afford more than you really can or the opposite you spend too frivolously.

    Also not positive but it sounds like you are right and didn’t fill everything out but need to.


    @Nelsont thanks for the feedback.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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