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    Hi! I received notice this evening that I am qualified!!! WHOO HOO!! However, it didn’t say how much. Is there a way to determine how much I am qualified for? Thanks!


    What does your action plan state? That’s the monthly payment you should go by. You shouldn’t pay too much attention to home value because the interest rate can fluctuate and you can buy down the interest rate and taxes and insurance can vary wildly within the neighborhood even between houses next door to each other. For example I was looking at 2 houses in particular in the same neighborhood and 1 had a 3200/year tax bill for a very good reason and the other was valued at 10k less but also for a very good reason had a 4500/year tax bill. That’s a monthly piti of 100/month more for a cheaper house!!!

    Anyway if you still don’t have the monthly payment on your action plan you should email your MC. Otherwise plug your monthly payment into mortgage calculators you find on listing websites when looking at houses online. Use 0 for down payment and use the naca interest rate.


    You have to take the Purchase Workshop (they have them every thursday) and then you get your qualification letter within 24 hours


    I was qualified, then attended the workshop but when my letter was uploaded it was 100k less than what my MC quoted me. No explanation given or anything. My MC said he was going to appeal. I am stil waiting and do not know how long that takes and if it will even help

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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