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    I’m so happy that you stuck with it. And I feel that this is an awesome opportunity to share your complete experience. The highs and the lows and the joy that came after the frustration. My heart is so warm right now. Your story will inspire many to keep going and to not give up. It’s so worth it, and this is yet one more instance that proves it.

    Congratulations to you!!!


    Congratulations! I feel your pain and relate to you (like most of us) as you go through the process. There surely are oppoortunities to improve with NACA and I am hoping leadership at NACA will make the experience as awesome as the program itself. Cheers and celebrations!!!


    Hello arachnophile,

    Congratulations!!!!! I’m glad we were able to “prove you wrong” and get you into your home with such great terms.

    To be honest, we are caught between a rock and a hard place where staffing is concerned. We hire new staff every week, but the demand is so high they are barely keeping up with the growth. NACA actually had the biggest year in its history in 2020 even though we were in the middle of the pandemic!

    Bank of America committed another $5 Billion to the program recently, but we will lend that well before the anticipated 2027 target date. (And all of that without a single road event and the local offices closed.)

    In the meantime we continue to work on ways to streamline the process. It seems to be a never ending battle as some points, but we keep practicing that same patience and persistence that we preach so much, and keep moving forward.

    Congratulations again, and enjoy your home!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    I read your initial post and felt your pain. I wanted to give you a hug. Because I felt you communicated clearly and succinctly your suffering at the time.
    This thread has helped me immensely. I too, have had to “manage my expectations” regarding NACA and its process. I am in the beginning stage (doing 3 month payment shock). I have been horrified to read about members losing earnest money deposits through no fault of their own because NACA dropped the ball. I think I would have to be institutionalize if that ever happen to me. I too have other options, but none of them can compare to NACA. That’s the catch! I have also read many positive testimonials and I must say, they are what gives me hope. It is just so sad to see good people suffer emotional harm not getting timely responses over and over again 😩. The PSL conundrum needs to be fixed. I dread falling into that blackhole. I am beginning to wonder if its a bug or an actual feature?🤔
    Maybe BoA only accepts a certain amount of new applications per month and this is a kind of regulator…it is a very weird indeed. With today’s technology, this should be an easy fix.
    I am so happy that your perseverance paid off! And I agreed 100% with your premise regarding more transparency from NACA. As members we have to demand better, as well as call out the things that are overdue for improvement.
    I look forward to reading your next post.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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