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    Dear NACA forum moderators, please let me know if you have any suggestions to help me with the mortgage qualification process. My first post was deleted, and I can understand from your company’s perspective why that happened. However, I received no response from any member or moderator to address my situation. I believe NACA emphasizes the importance of individual and community participation in building a better society for all of us. So here I am, this is me demonstrating what is currently happening in my situation.

    I am reposting an edited version of my original post in hopes that someone within NACA will recognize that my challenge to “prove me wrong” is a plea for assistance in a situation that I have expended considerable effort on and seen no return. I am here as a member in good standing who is asking for an appointment and an update in my qualification process. The following is an edited version of my original post:

    When I started the process of applying for NACA’s purchase program, I read in the Homebuyer’s Workshop powerpoint presentation something to the effect of, “If you believe that the deal we are offering you is real, you are likely to be taken advantage of.” That’s an ominous statement to make.

    Thankfully, I know that I can get a mortgage through another lender, but I am frugal and committed to trying to get the best deal available on purchasing a house, especially if it means saving upwards of $80,000 in interest. That money equates to a few years of my life. I have a +800 credit score, savings well beyond what are required in my MRF, proven ability to exceed my PSS, and have addressed every condition laid out by NACA and my counselor. As soon as I met all of these conditions, I received radio silence from my counselor. I contacted member services, the office of my counselor, left daily e-mails and voicemails, and finally was referred to the “National Queue” to schedule an appointment with a counselor. That voicemail, conveniently, is full and can not accept new messages. I continue to attempt to contact member services and my counselor daily.

    I would like to see some hard evidence that anyone has actually received a mortgage approval through NACA and if they actually delivered on their advertised interest rate buy down. I would like to see statistics and economic data for how many people are actually being approved for mortgage loans versus how many are applying so I can determine if this is a waste of time and effort. I feel like I may be getting duped and farmed for $25 a year along with countless other people like me. If this is the case, NACA is not living up to its noble mission. If it is not the case… well, prove me wrong.

    NACA, I may well be someone who can be “taken advantage of” because I want to believe that your programs and products are real. But right now, you are demonstrating to me that they are not. I am one person, but I am loud, reasonable, resourceful, and persuasive. I would like you to prove me wrong by giving me the terms that you are advertising. Do this for me and I will campaign for you loudly and persuasively for the 30 years that I have my mortgage through you. You will make some money off of the mortgage agreement, and we will both benefit.

    Prove me wrong and I will remove or amend this post and apologize for doubting your sincerity in your mission and you will have gained an ally for life.

    If anyone who reads this has been approved and successfully bought and kept a house through NACA’s purchase program, I would like to hear from you and see some proof that this isn’t just a waste of time and a compromise of all my personal financial information.

    If anyone from NACA reads this, well, respectfully and sincerely, prove me wrong.

    Please comment freely, we owe it to ourselves to know what is happening with this program because of the exceptional effort it asks of us compared to a traditional lender.

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    I haven’t posted on these forums in a hot minute, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that NACA is not a scam.

    My wife and I purchased our home through NACA in November of 2019. The interest rate buydown is absolutely real, as is everything else they are offering. In lieu of the seller dropping the price for the home, we had them keep the listing price, but offer additional interest rate buydown instead. In the end, that got us a 1.625% interest rate at the time, which was absolutely amazing. Add in the fact that there was no down payment, no PMI, and no traditional closing costs (beyond things like escrow and taxes, which are unavoidable) and it is a great mortgage product compared to what else is out there.

    That isn’t to say that there are not hiccups in the process. We started our workshop in January of 2019 and did not get approved until September. Most of that was due to saving our MRF and paying off debts that were in collections. And even after getting NACA approved, we had some issues with our counselor on getting what is called a Property Specific Approval, but we worked through them together and made it work. I even contacted @ttrumble by phone and email and he gave me some very helpful tips on how to get through that. One of the things I had to do was contact a regional manager and he told me I was right and that my counselor was incorrect, and later that day everything was straightened out. If you search my profile you might be able to pull up some of those posts from September of 2019, it was a real fun time lol.

    You may have to resort to the same thing. You haven’t had luck with the office, or your counselor. You can ask member services to get you in touch with a regional manager. That’s what I did, and they gave me his cell number. Which honestly, I am not sure if they were supposed to give me his number, and he even told me I probably should have went through the office manager first, but in the end it worked out.

    There are many other people I was in contact with on here in 2019 that also crossed the finish line. I see that @Nelsont still posts here, they purchased in either 2018 or 2019 and still comments on here sometimes. One thing to understand is that the #1 complaint about NACA is actually the thing you’re describing, and that is the counselors not responding to emails and phone calls. One of the issues is that they are very overworked and understaffed, at least that was the case in 2019, and I am sure that not much has changed. It sounds like your case is a little worse than most, though. Your frustration is absolutely warranted. It is also possible that maybe your counselor no longer works for the company, and that for some reason maybe you were not properly re-assigned or something. It happens, people slip through the cracks. Or maybe you have a bad counselor, too.

    My advice, is to contact the office manager and politely describe your situation. Call up your local office, ask who the manager is, and ask to speak with them. Tell them you are frustrated with the complete lack of response from your counselor, and that you would like an update on your file. If their response is not sufficient, get in contact with the next higher up manager through Member services. There are regional and national directors you can reach out to and escalate if you’re having very bad issues. I would start there.


    I think you need to learn to manage your expectations and perhaps assess whether or not this program is for you. This is not a question of whether or not the organization is a scam or fraud or anyone needing to prove you wrong. There are testimonies and well documented accounts of other’s experiences purchasing through NACA readily available on social media platforms and throughout these forums. Take the time to read, commit to your understanding, and manage your expectations. As you have stated, you are in your opinion, well qualified with a number of options to purchase by other means. If this program does not meet your needs or your expectations great or small, you can and should explore those options. You logging on to the organization’s platform to call them a fraud or question the success rate of others brings no value to the conversation, nor does it assist you in getting your needs met. You’ve missed the mark greatly without providing any real details concerning the “what”.

    1. Did you have an action plan that you agreed to follow with your counselor?
    2. Did you have a follow up or “to do by” date?
    3. If you had that date, did you and your counselor agree to schedule a follow up session by that date?
    4. Did you actually schedule it, or are you saying you have had difficulty being able to schedule?
    5. Did you address all of your action plan items before your follow up and then expect to be pushed to the front before your scheduled date because you finished early?
    6. You’ve said a whole lot of something, but not really much of anything that would assist anyone with assisting you. Can you answer questions 1-5 and help us all understand what your point is? It’s coming off like you’re really just looking for someone to argue with. Kind of haughty tbh.


    Thank you Sole8771 and Peapod0609 for your responses. I am glad to read that people have had success with the program and that the buydown is real. I’ve found that my local office is either no longer in existence, or no longer answers the telephone. I have called multiple times and waited for over 30 minutes with no answer. Member services was able to direct me to a regional manager though after several emails. Sole, you are right in that I have needed to learn to manage my expectations to work with this program. I am learning to be more patient and to expect some degree of disappointment with the process in hopes that the payoff in the end is worth it. Regarding the questions that you listed, I did address all of the action plan items on the same day that my counselor provided me with them. At that point my counselor said he did not anticipate needing to schedule a follow up appointment and would submit my file. The delay was out of his control though.

    Here is an update on my situation. About three weeks after losing contact
    with my mortgage counselor, he called back saying that he had been out due to the loss of two family members. I felt like an ass for posting this but was thankful that I had remained polite and calm when leaving voicemails and emails for him. I believe someone on here advocated for being a persistent, polite pest. He hoped someone from his office would have helped and expressed disappointment that they did not. My file was qualified within a day of it being resubmitted and I have attended the purchase workshop and now have been viewing properties with a realtor. My counselor did say that he was relocating to the Atlanta office and that I should call the Denver office to be reassigned.

    I called the Denver office, but as I said, there is no answer. I contacted member services who put me in touch with the regional director. She reassigned me to another counselor in Charlotte, informing me that Denver no longer has any local mortgage counselors. She stated that this office was busy, and to manage my expectations. I sent an email requesting a meeting or an acknowledgement but did not receive a reply.

    In the meantime, I found an awesome house in a nice area that I wanted to place an offer on. The purchase workbook states that if you can not reach your counselor, and are at risk of losing a house because of a delay, that you should proceed as usual with your real estate agent. Using my web file, I tried to generate a PSL to give with my offer. Because the web file PSL generator does not let me enter my buydown amount or a payment toward the principal, it can not accurately reflect the increased loan amount that I am trying to acquire. I sent an email with the MLS number, taxes, address, and all of my financial info to calculate my PITI and prove that it was within my max affordable payments. This was on a Sunday, and the offers were due Monday. My offer was not accepted.

    This is where the craziness of this market and the managed expectations of NACA pose a big challenge. Denver houses are usually listed Tuesday through Thursday to allow showings on the weekend. They then place deadlines for offers on Sunday or Monday night. Each week, nearly every house goes under contract. I am supposed to get a PSL approval, MLS, and tax information to my mortgage counselor for approval 24 hours in advance so they can review and prepare a PSL. Because most available showing times are on the weekend and the deadlines for offers are Sunday or Monday, it may not be possible to contact a counselor in time.

    Sole, you brought up a good point about telling me to explore the other options I have available to acquire a mortgage. I’ve looked into other lenders, and figure I could get approved for about $320,000 in a 30 year loan. Unfortunately, that isn’t even enough to buy some apartments here. So yes, I value NACA for what they are saying that they can do by giving me a lower interest rate and increasing my purchase power. I would just like it to actually work. I acknowledge that there are conditions in the marketplace that are making this process harder that are in no way attributable to NACA. I also had to look up the definition of haughty, and I acknowledge that my last post can be perceived that way.

    As of today, since being reassigned, I have contacted the my old counselor, new counselor, and the regional director about acquiring the PSL for this property but did not receive a response. I also contacted emailed member services and called the mortgage department; they didn’t answer the phone either- I waited on hold for 30 minutes.

    I am trying to be reasonable, manage my expectations, and give everyone the benefit of the doubt that they are doing their best. I do wonder how many more properties are going to slip through my hands in this process. It’s hard seeing a house that was within your reach and hit all of the marks go because you can’t get a piece of paper with a number on it that you have calculated and are sure will work. Maybe if NACA allowed the PSL Print option in the web file to allow for principal reduction and buy down funds, this could be fixed.

    Anyway, there is the update to my situation. I still do want anyone who has insight or challenges to my thoughts and situation to bring them up. I may come off as haughty, but I am open to dialogue and willing to change the way I think.


    Thinking about it some more, I don’t think it is unreasonable to request information about the success rates and other pertinent information of the mortgage, home save, and MAP programs. Most organizations that you pay dues for offer some statement of accountability and show how they are using their funds.


    I understand. Please go to Facebook and join the NACA “Unofficial” Group. Post your post there. There are employees in that group who are very helpful. Please don’t post the “Prove Me Wrong” manifesto over there. Just explain what has happened just like you did in your last two posts. I understand your frustrations. I am happy that your file has moved forward for qualification. Saddened that you missed out on the house that you wanted. There are people who have run into your same issue. Join the group, and hopefully, you will find answers and help there.


    I can echo Sole8771 and Peapod0609 on NACA not being a SCAM. You can see my full story (and many others) here:

    Sometimes, if I had a question and couldn’t get a hold of my MC, I would drive to the NACA office which was 100 miles away, and clear the issue. I also suggest you do if there is any NACA office close by.


    Thank you, Sole 8771 and s20, for your responses. I have joined the unofficial NACA group on facebook and will reach out for help there and I will try showing up to the NACA office in person. Thankfully, it is only several miles away, not 100. Reading that you drove that far to advocate for yourself and that it worked gives me hope.


    It was encouraging to read the timelines and people’s success stories on the forums. I still feel in limbo though. I have Tuesday off and plan to visit the Denver office (I’m hoping they are allowing in person visits).

    I was able to get a response from an employee on the unofficial facebook group. They informed me that only my mortgage counselor can help adjust my maximum mortgage amount by proving I have buy down and principal reduction funds available. She sent an email to my counselor. No response from him yet. Another week went by and another offer fell through because I can’t get this situation fixed. I left another voicemail for my counselor and the regional director, emailed them and member services, and tried holding on the line with the mortgage department again, but haven’t received any response.

    My real estate agent has reached out to my counselor and the real estate department, submitted PSL approval forms, and not received any reply.

    During the qualification process I made it clear that I intended to use the buy down and principal reduction, and when my affordability form was created showing a lower maximum mortgage amount than I had calculated I would be qualified for, my counselor said not to worry about it, it wouldn’t be a problem to adjust. I am disheartened. Maybe some of that haughtiness that came through in my initial post was due to my feeling that I have been on top of all of my responsibilities to this program from the get go, and I am running into roadblocks that I proactively tried to avoid.

    As of now, I am stopping my search for houses because I am unable to submit a PSL on anything I want to purchase. The buy down is the reason I applied for this program. For me, it will make the difference of living in a neighborhood with bars on the windows or not, owning a house versus an apartment, or living near my family and work or commuting a long distance. NACA gave me so much hope, and I have invested so much effort into making it work. Please don’t let me down.


    Well I was discouraged myself and went through alot of rollercoaster rides but there is home ownership at the end of the tunnel. You just have to stick with it and don’t give up and try your best not to stress yourself out and I truly know that is hard but I’m very grateful for NACA now.
    NACA Experience
    March 14, 2020 – NACA Homebuying Workshop
    April 10, 2020 – Intake Meeting
    April 15, 2029 – Counseling
    June 1, 2029 – Counseling _Start Saving Payment Shock, Eliminating Deb
    June 25. 2020 – Counseling
    September 15, 2020 – Counseling but was ready to qualified_Hurricane delayed everything. Whole parish damage, end up displaced for months
    Dec 1, 2020 – Counseling, action plan was alot of LOE for no house, no rent because the hurricane
    Dec 7, 2020- Organizing files
    Dec 10, 2020 – She start prepared our files for Underwriting
    Dec 19, 2020 -She start prepared our files for Underwriting
    Dec, 28, 2020 – Sent to the Underwriters
    January 20, 2021 – Qualified
    Realized we had limited house options due to being a non priority member and hurricane damages to 90% of the houses
    January 23, 2021 – House shopping
    January 28, 2021 – Offer Made
    January 29, 2021 – Offer Accepted
    February 1, 2021 – Inspection Done but issue with his NACA qualifications
    February 3, 2021 – Signed Loan Estimate @ 2.35%
    February 5, 2021 – Inspection Uploaded
    Status change to property identified
    February 8, 2021 – HAND replies on Required Repairs
    February 10, 2021- Request to Seller to Repair their thousands of dollar in required repairs
    February 22, 2021 – Reviewed Appraisal Back
    February 23, 2021 – Seller Agreed to repair
    February 26, 2021- Assigned a new MC
    March 1, 2021 – MC requested LOEs and other documents
    March 2, 2021 – Status Updated to Credit Access-Requested
    March 3, 2021 – 4 Conditions which was the same from March 1, uploaded the documents again… waiting
    March 2, 2021 Signed another Loan Estimate at 2.75%
    March 5, 2021 Assigned a new Mortgage Counselor but never spoked
    March 8, 2021 More Underwriting condition LOE
    March 10, 2021 Spoke with New Director and he was determined to get us moving
    March 10, 2021 Credit Access Approved, Bank Application
    March 11, 2021 Status – Mortgage Process
    March 15, 2021 Lender Status: Underwriting-Initial Review 
    March 25, 20201 Lots of conditions
    Had to pay off judgements due to state law that don’t accept the payment arrangements.
    April 12, 2021 Hand Cleared
    April 29, 2021 Lender Status: Approved-Outstanding Conditions
    Received Commitment Letter
    They ordered the reinspection for appraisal items for May 3, 20201
    May 11, 2021 – Closed @ 1.37% instrest rate. Did buy down some.


    I’m glad to read that NACA worked for you, Lovely. That does sound like a bumpy process.

    I drove to the Denver NACA office today. It has been empty for a few weeks now according to the security guard. A note saying that all Denver operations are remote now and to call the main number for assistance is posted on the door.

    I was able to get through to someone on the “escalate your file” option on a phone call though. She said the next time I could schedule an appointment with a counselor is August 12th- three months away. I took it, but my lease is up at the end of July. I thought starting in January would give me enough time…

    She did say that I could continue to submit PSL approval requests through my real estate agent and that if they don’t respond in 24 hours, I can call them again to have them call the counselor. The midweek listing and weekend deadlines for offers don’t support this timeline though. If a house is posted Wednesday, maybe I can see it Wednesday evening, submit a PSL approval on Thursday morning, and wait with my fingers crossed until Friday morning. If I don’t receive a reply, call to escalate my file and hold out hope that someone comes through for me by the end of the day. If no one gets back to me, it’s a safe bet that the house will be under contract when NACA opens on Monday. None of the PSL approvals or emails to my counselor have been returned yet.

    I realize that NACA just may not be built to handle this market. Without a PSL, sellers won’t consider my offers. If they would just change their web file PSL generator to reflect the current interest rate, allow a buy down amount, and allow a principal reduction, I could be under contract right now instead of looking at other lenders or sitting on my hands until they even look at my file in August.

    One other option that my real estate agent and I are looking into is getting qualified with another lender, submitting the qualification with the offer, then switching to NACA.

    If you all have any other ideas, throw them at me. I’m open to eating rocks right now if it gets this process moving.


    I end up having to call NACA member services to connect me with another mortgage counselor that prepared my PSL. You can also try contacting the Director. You have to be really patient and determine to make it through with NACA. I felt like giving up alot but it seem like every time I was serious they would start moving but I sent emails and made calls every 2 days because I do know they’re over worked so I didn’t want to harass them too much.


    @arachnophile, I closed with NACA in 2017 on 15 year mortgage at awesome 0.0625% interest rate (down payment borne exclusively from the builder) and in 2020 on 30 year mortgage at 2% interest rate (had to move out of state for work, so sold my first house in 2019). I would close again with NACA as I also, like you, am savvy with money. As you can see from other responses that the process can be bumpy and my case was no different, especially with the second closing. I was pulling my hair off with delays of more than 4 months and almost losing the house. The realtor and the regional manager involved with this closing are no longer with NACA. The realtor for my first closing is also no longer with NACA. So, the bumpy part is felt not only by members but also by people who are working to further NACA’s mission. This calls for massive upgrade at upper level management (it has always been, as Bruce Marks know better that it is not the same NACA that he started decades ago). So, I agree that NACA needs to be transparent about accountability, etc. That is, they need to have the following information accessible to NACA members. This can be an eye opener to many working at/for NACA:
    – weekly/monthly/quarterly report, with five categories of members (low/moderate/medium-below-median/medium-above-median/upper) since NACA’s start on:
    – members who attended the workshop
    – members who applied for qualification
    – time interval in weeks between attending workshop and applying for qualification
    – members who received qualification
    – time interval in weeks between applying for and receiving qualification
    – members whose bank application was submitted
    – time interval in weeks between qualification and bank application
    – members who closed on a house
    – time interval in weeks between bank application and actual closing
    – separate section for bank application that need renovation on the house and those not (making it 5 * 2 = 10 columns)
    – number of change of hands or attrition of staff during a given application (to give a sense of how leaving of NACA employees affects the experience)

    Such information will be an eye opener even for Bruce Marks, I am sure, as this would help him step back and reflect on the NACA he has dreamed of and the NACA that has evolved now that we see today.

    Kudos to Bruce Marks and his team for building such an awesome program. Without NACA I would have hard time becoming a homeowner and would definitely not have a way to fund my retirement account (as I would’ve paid it in down payment and higher interest rates!) Thank you for all you do NACA and I look forward to seeing you grow and help more and more people towards equalizing neighborhoods!


    NACA proved me wrong, in the best of ways. The short version is that the regional director stepped up and helped me immensely with my file. I got a 30 year loan at 1.125%. My impatience with the time consuming initial process led to skepticism, which was misplaced. I am sorry that I doubted this program at all. It has saved me $140,000 in interest payments and put me in a house that I couldn’t have otherwise afforded. I will post the long version soon. I’m typing it up as part of my testimonial. Thank you to everyone who convinced me to stick with it. I am grateful for you.


    That is great to hear! I am glad you stuck with it, and that’s quite an amazing interest rate.

    The toughest part about NACA is definitely the communication from MCs at times. Mine wasn’t too bad in this regard but I’ve heard many stories from others on this board over the years. That’s definitely the #1 complaint about NACA, for sure. To the MCs credit, they are definitely understaffed and overworked.

    I hope NACA can fix that going forward, because it’s a great program otherwise!

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