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    Question: Am i required to have the MRF in my account prior to going to the achieve the dream event? If they are not “liquid”in my savings, will it disqualify me from getting an approval/ qualification letter when i get to that step at the event?

    I have saved over three months of savings shock, but am about $1,000 short of my MRF. I plan to borrow from my 401k for my buydown and the remaining MRF. I have quarterly statements showing that I more than enough in my account and a printout showing the terms (amount and timeframe) of repaying my 401 account back for the borrowed amount. Will that documentation be sufficient for qualification? Or do I need to go ahead and have the money in my account before I can be qualified?

    ? Taco


    Yes. Yes.

    You will need the loan documentation from your 401k plan showing you took the loan. It needs to show the repayment details. You will need your 401k statement. You will need your bank statement showing the deposit. You will need a LOE explaining the deposit. And probably a paystub showing the pretax contribution and new net pay after the loan. This will also count as debt and potentially reduce your buying power so think about it before you do.


    Well, I can give you my personal experience. I went to an ATD event and ended up closing a little over 2 months later last fall.

    I took out a 401K withdrawal to help with my MRF. We were a little bit short with our savings/checking account, and our MC used my 401K savings to get us qualified at the Chicago ATD Event in September.

    I didn’t do a loan so I had to pay a 10% IRS penalty and what not, but to me it wasn’t a huge deal.


    Hello Taco,

    At an ATD event, we can get you qualified based on your 401K statements. Be aware though that you will have to have make the withdrawal and have the funds in your bank account before you can submit a Purchase and Sale Contract.

    It’s the same as when we qualify someone at an event but tell them they have to save the Payment Shock for three months (or longer). It becomes sort of a “conditional” qualification, but it still allows you to start the house hunting process while you are taking care of the condition for full qualification.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA



    I attended the October virtual ATD event yesterday and I told the counselor that for some reason the web-file portal wasn’t showing the some of the documents I uploaded but I would be happy to upload anything right then so that I could get qualified. That included statements from my 401k to support MFR etc. But he wasn’t interested. Instead he said he would write it down in my action plan…but I had all the docs ready to go…is this normal? This person also told me thy would be hosting ATD events weekly before the January option listed on the website and that I should register for that if I wanted to move forward, however I called today and the office said they aren’t doing another one until January and anything before then has been booked months in advance…. I also had a follow up scheduled in Dec just incase things did workout at the Oct ATD event. During my session with the ATD counselor he said he deleted my December appt due to “Naca rules” even though he knew he wasn’t going to qualify me and I would need to meet with someone in order to move forward….I’m so confused now… What should I do? Is there a way to have a different counselor look at my file?


    @Happyhome … NO I do not think it is normal.
    Go to the site and lower right click on Live Support and if they are in session you can convey your concerns and someone should be able to assist or guide you. Alternatively you can also call Member Services at 425-602-6222. Wait times can be long however.

    Regarding the 401K question , make sure to write an LOE stating it can be used as MRF and attach any supporting statements and upload to you WebFile.
    Also make sure to send the LOE to your email nacalynx email ( for good measure.
    I have never had any issues uploading any docs to my web-file. I try to use Internet Explorer, on my computer, which is NACA’s RECOMMENDED browser.
    Keep your December date.
    Hang in there and good luck.


    @sweetlilly Thank you so much! At least now I know what happened isn’t standard practice. I’m working on getting the December date back/confirmed…fingers crossed everything works out. Thanks again!

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