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    I got notification of a new credit check today from Equifax, and on the webfile my intiial Conditions disappeared and our Appraisal appeared, which came in above price. I was worried things weren’t moving, but here we are.


    @BakerTheBaker very nice, the new credit check is from Bank of America (or a company they use, more specifically) and that plus the conditions mean they are reviewing your file.

    Progress is good! I hope the whole COVID-19 stuff doesn’t keep files from being worked on.


    Hello all,

    Things are still moving forward both at NACA and at BOA while we ride out the Coronavirus crisis. Everyone should thoroughly read the article on the homepage here on the forum regarding procedural changes during this time. You will find the article at

    We are committed to keep creating new homeowners even as we deal with Covid-19.

    Actually, the NACA staff is very healthy and strong to the last person. (In fact one staff member kiddingly noted yesterday that with all the travel we do and the various bugs we get exposed to, we probably have some of the strongest immune systems of anyone in the country!) Also, we have instituted several internal procedures to make sure that Covid-19 or any other virus isn’t able to affect our staff and our operations. We’re here for the long haul. Anyone who shows the slightest symptoms is instructed to stay home, and additional PTO has been advanced to all our staff members to insure that they will not feel financial pressure to come to work if they are not feeling well or have family issues to deal with as a result of the outbreak.

    Things will definitely keep moving for our members during this crisis, and we are going to be here for business as (almost) usual.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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