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    Got my appraisal back and it is $16k less than the sale price. Please pray for my family and I that the seller will just agree to lower the price…

    @peapod0609 @nelsont


    Good luck, I went through the same thing but with a New Construction and I ended up having to pay the difference because they were already giving me a good amount in seller contribution.

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    @southflorida I got the post. I did not get any seller concessions. He didn’t want to do repairs so he took some off the sale price and I waived it with HAND. He has a tenant moving out so I ho that makes him want to just lower the price and be done with it. I saw the tenants things packed in boxes in the appraisal report. Lol


    @NewYorkSpirit I am praying to God, Our Father that he will make a way even when we don’t see it. Claim it in the Name of Jesus, that HE is going to work out all the details.


    No one wants to walk away from all that money, plus have tenants moving out to let 16K come in the way of preventing the sale. It will work out.

    God Bless


    @NewYorkSpirit, definitely praying for you. When I was purchasing my home, the appraisal came back $26,000 less than the asking price, so I understand how you feel. I’d say, start with your realtor, they can pretty much guide you on what you might wanna do next. I decided to ask for a 2nd appraisal to let the sellers know I was doing everything in my power to purchase their property at a fair price. I also gave up any seller concessions offered. Once the 2nd appraisal came back with the same numbers, the sellers, thankfully agreed to the appraisal price. Praying things work out for you.


    @2blessed thank you so much! I appreciate your prayer!!! My realtor is going to dispute the appraisal as our first option.


    The error message is a system check to prevent spammers from flooding the boards. Every once in a while if you post back to back comments you will be stopped. You just have to wait 10 minutes or so without any activity.


    @ggof3 this is what we are doing because comps in the area are way more than what my house is selling for. So my realtor is going to dispute it and see what happens. How long did the second appraisal take?


    @NewYorkSpirit, the 2nd appraisal took about 2 weeks.


    @ggof3 oh lawwwd!!! Okay. I will mentally prepare for that.


    @NewYorkSpirit, oh no. My thoughts are with you. Im sure it will all work out for you. Be patient and let your relator work on it. I pray you have a quick resolution to this setback and you will be closing on this house soon. Again we are all here for you!!


    Wishing you good luck! Where are you buying your house?


    Thank you @Tara585 and @firmeh89 You guys rock and there is power in prayer. My realtor reacted out to the appraiser and sent him comps in the area. He apologized and stated that the properties did not show up on his system. He did comps from 2 years ago. LAWD!!! So he going to revise it and asked me to call BOA to expedite. I don’t know how to do that but I’m going to call the mortgage department tomorrow. Thank you guys for praying for me. I truly appreciate it. If anyone knows how I can “expedite” please feel free to let me know my next step. God is good!!!

    Firmeh89 Im buying my house in long island, ny.


    Wow that’s awesome, I am also looking for a house in Long Island, Nassau County, I have just been qualified and started my house search, do you have any tips on what do or anything significant in your process worth sharing?


    Where in long island are you purchasing? I currently have an accepted offer in Suffolk County, praying on my end it works out. It will work out for you!!!

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