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    Morning All, a little update: I received the appraisal this weekend, it dated 11/29/2019. And the appraisal is higher than the sale price. I am so happy. Thank you all for support and answers. Again, we submitted the Bank Application on 11/15/2019.


    @liubov1989 wooohoooo! That’s great news. I have to submit a dispute because of my appraisers mistake. They wont allow him to correct it without me disputing it. Im just praying that it happens swiftly… we all signed bank apps the same day so keep me posted.


    @newyorkspirit I’m sure you will be good. At least, they know it was a mistake. Now I am waiting for the Bank to send me the lender conditions, but my realtor contacts me and said i should monitor the web-file as often as possible and stay in touch with my mortgage counselor. Bank Of America has been operating extremely slow the last several weeks. Now I’m stressing out again. Fingers crossed, really hope we’ll be lucky and get the bank response soon. We should be closing on 12/18/2019. So only 2 weeks left. Will keep you posted. Good luck!


    Definitely monitor your webfile as much as you can. Try not to obsess over it as others, including myself lol, have done. I was checking it every hour which can be nerve wracking. I would try to check it at minimum twice a day though if you can at this stage, though.

    Then if you have questions or you get a status change and aren’t sure what to do, call the mortgage department and figure out what next steps are.


    Hi, Guys quick question

    My wife still have fraud alerts on her credit reports.
    Does it matter since we are NOT using her credit for the loan?


    Hello natevsclarrisa,

    The credit report will be pulled for all adult members of the household as part of determining the budget and affordability. Therefore any freezes, alerts, etc. on anyone’s credit report will show up and will have to be dealt with. Freezes will have to be removed, and a Letter of Explanation with supporting documents will be needed regarding the fraud alerts.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    @natevsclarrisa BofA called me to verify my identify when they pulled my credit report and saw the fraud alert. They basically asked me a serious of identifying questions from information on my credit report. I answered all questions thoroughly and she said she would inform my mortgage specialist to continue processing my bank application because all questions were answered correctly. A few things to note, when I went to my initial intake back in mc did tell me I would have to remove the alerts. But she said since my alerts listed my telephone number it may not be a problem because BofA could call me.

    Now, the bump in the road I ran into, after receiving that call from bofa, about 4 days later, I received a condition on my file. Underwriting-2nd Opportunity decline/suspended with a fraud alert condition. To make a long story mc cleared the condition after a few things i made happen.


    I would NEVER refer anyone to Naca again. I referred 3 people and the same things that were happening to was the same things that were happening to my referrals. Attended workshop in October 2019 brought ALL documents with me. Had a few conditions and had to reach MRF. No problem.
    By December I had fixed conditions and MRF. Couldn’t get an appointment until Feb 2020. Did call and leave a message for my counselor and asked if he could just look at my file. Waited two weeks more, finally called again (didn’t want to be a pest) was told my counselor was no longer there and I had been assigned a new one. I was told the message would be passed on. Nope..long story short a bunch of back and forth, Finally git a call from the regional manager, file was submitted to underwriting came back with the SAME conditions I already submitted. Bunch of back and forth again. Meanwhile I’m still uploading normal documents. called member services and explained what was going on. She told me I already had an appointment scheduled and my counselor won’t look at my file until then….uggh. Next my counselor gets sick, meanwhile there is no communication at all. Counselor gets back, talks to me. Call me back the next day to go over my file again, he’s asking me about things we already discussed, then start talking about other things and I’m confused because it has nothing to do with me..he was in the wrong file. Set another appointment just to go over previous appointment. It is now March 2020.. guess what? Covid-19 is among us. Fast forward counselors are working at home….slowly. There was dead silence from the Las Vegas office. We are now in April 2020 counselor has same MO spending 30 minutes going over what we went over at the last appointment set a new appointment date for July because he said my VOR expired because NACA took over 30 days. Needless to say I applied with a local lender on April 16 had approval on April 17, went and looked at homes, put in an offer on April 20. Inspection done April 22 and Appraisal and down payment assistance class done a few days later. Not going to go into the horror story about the title company the seller picked, we had to change title companies last minute, that was May 13th however the new escrow officer made miracles happen in less than 24 hours…So on May 15, 2020 I became a homeowner. The $2210 I payed in closing cost was worth not having to deal with the aggravation associated with NACA.


    @momsmuffin sorry to hear about your ordeal.
    Certainly not a good look.


    @vonny2421 I am looking for a NACA certified realtor in Suffolk County would you be able to recommend one?

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