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    Has anyone that has closed on their home received a phone call from NACA requesting they take a survey? I asked the individual that was calling me to remove me from their call list and was told that if I failed to participate in the survey, should I ever find myself in a position where I was unable to pay my mortgage, I could no longer come to NACA for help. Does anyone know if this is true? I don’t remember hearing this during any of the workshops I attended.


    I did receive a survey call and completed it. After all NACA has done for me, I think it worths it to take a few minutes to complete their survey.


    Great response. I am giving Shervin the benefit of the doubt and perhaps they didn’t know if the call wad legitimate! I would have taken the survey!



    Hello MichelleL1990,

    I don’t want to say you are being a little too suspicious, but a follow-up survey call is normal after virtually any major sort of purchase these days, much less what is probably the biggest purchase of your lifetime. I bought a new sofa a few months ago and got a follow-up survey.

    It’s only normal for NACA or any other business or organization to want to get a good idea of how well they are doing. Considering the tens of thousands of dollars you are saving by having gotten your mortgage through NACA, I would hope that five minutes to help us receive some honest feedback wouldn’t be too much to ask.

    I know that it’s easy today to assume that every time the phone rings and you don’t immediately know the number, that it’s some sort of scam call. Any time a NACA rep calls you, they will identify him or herself by name and start the call with the same basic security questions you answered during any telephone counseling sessions. Also, if they are calling from a NACA telephone, yoru caller ID will display a number ending in 6222, which spells NACA on your phone.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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