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    Our file was first submitted mid-November, and it came back because our MC wasn’t able to articulate our Payment Shock adequately to UW, plus he hadn’t uploaded several key files. We were escalated twice before it came back, and we were resubmitted around December 18th. That’s the last time we heard from our MC. We’ve been “Status: Qualification – Pending” since that day, and our MC hasn’t answered several of our questions since then. Thank goodness for the forum having some answers, at least. I’ve emailed our MC again, but even with the holidays, this feels like a really long time. I spent the past week convincing myself to try not to stress, but now i realize how long it’s been, and I think a little stress is warranted.

    I don’t want to make our MC feel like I’m accusing him of anything, and I’m sure there are reasons for the lack of progress that he’s not sharing, but at this point I’m wondering if and when I should start including the office manager or others to ensure the file is being looked at. Our lease runs out in April, and the delays I’m hearing about from people already Qualified are making me nervous. We expected to be Qualified in November, and are basically in the dark on why this isn’t happening. When we met with the MC and UW at ATD, they set a clear and straight path for us, which we followed and then some. The only reason we didn’t qualify then was the date of a Foreclosure on my history having been 6 months later than we originally though. We were essentially just waiting for that October date to pass, and it should have been a done deal.


    Is it possible to get an appointment with your MC. That seems to work best for me. I sat with my MC when my file was submitted.


    I much prefer emailing our MC so that there’s a record of our conversation. He missed a number of extremely key factors during our face to face meeting, which ended is on our file being delayed in submission by three weeks at the start.


    It’s been my experience that MC’s will generally not respond unless they have an update. The fact that you are getting no response tells me they have yet to receive anything themselves. 3 weeks however is too long to not even receive conditions. I do know someone who was working with the DC office and their MC is no longer with NACA. I wonder if you have that MC…you would need to find that out and get transferred if so. Have you called member services?

    About your foreclosure…yeah the timelines are horrible to say the least. Banks do not want to own property nor do they want to go through the process. The courts put the cases on a low priority and the banks don’t push. My foreclosure proceedings started a year before the court records officially gave possession to the bank and the county real estate records show another date of a non-arms length sale by me to the bank 6 months after the court records show! SMH


    @NelstonT that’s exactly what happened with my foreclosure as well, plus the mortgage company was acquired immediately before the foreclosure and again immediately after, so the paperwork/contact process was totally impossible. I never actually got any notification, no one will talk to me, and I have to rely on the tax record.

    I am working out of the Baltimore office because we were told it’s more reliable. My MC was still working as of Dec 20th, but anything is possible. I will call Member Services I suppose.


    Whoa.. Caller number 38… I’ve never been more than Caller number 4 before. And then I was Caller 30, and now I’m caller 39… This does not bode well.


    Spoke with Member Services, and they’re sending a message to my MC asking him to contact UW for an update. Hopefully that gets us something.


    I’m glad to know that I’m not alone. My qualification has been pending for…17 days. I have confirmed with member services, and my MC that I’m not the holdup. They said it’s awaiting underwriter review. Patience indeed.

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    Hello BakerTheBaker,

    Giving a couple of folks a nudge on your behalf to see if we can’t get some movement for you.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Greatly appreciated, as always, Tim. I can only imagine how much less sane everyone would be without you and these forums!


    WELP, I haven’t heard from our MC, so this might be another misclick, but at least it means someone clicked something! My status now suddenly says “Lender Status: Application – Loan Estimate (‘LE’) is received by Bank of America and is awaiting submission of a complete bank application. Member must be approved for NACA Credit Access.”


    After reading the forum, I see this was definitely a mistake of some sort.. but hey, somebody looked at something.


    I got that status when I was qualified, I would call your local office and see if that is correct and prepare to go to the workshop which is usually every Thursday at the local office and that is where you will get your qualification letter.


    I was very pleased to get a call from our MC first thing this morning congratulating us on being QUALIFIED for the maximum amount and asking us to come to the Purchase Workshop on Thursday!


    That’s great news!

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