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    Lender Status: Underwriting-Pend Incomplete – File made it to underwriting but is incomplete so a decision cannot be made or is in suspense. When all the information is provided to render an initial credit decision, the loan will move back to Underwriting / Initial review for review. Conditions will be posted at this stage to be addressed by the borrower and NACA as applicable.

    Anyone experience this status and to guide me as to what it means or if I need to do anything. I haven’t recieved a CD yet… file went from UW CTC to this. Been at this stage for a week.


    It could be any number of things. Possibly something you have nothing to do with like missing documents the title company has yet to send over. Call the mortgage processing department to see if they have any information. Reach out to your MC via email and copy your nacalynx address. Chances are it’s a simple fix. Assuming all the documentation gets sent over there is no reason to be denied a loan without an error on your file a change of financial circumstances or a regulation violation.


    I had that status like a month ago–STILL haven’t closed. Seems that someone only looks at my file like once a week-even with two escalations. Just means there are things that need to be completed before the file can move forward. Apparently there are like 10 different ways that they can word that. I’m currently at Underwriting–Pending decline. which also means the same thing. annoying. confusing. I totally get you.


    Lyndzie3407 I just got switched to Initial review. My realtor had to put fire under their behinds. I stayed at that PI for about a week and a half.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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