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    HELP! Sellers will not extend.
    When I log in to my NACA account, it says: Pend-Incomplete
    I am about to lose my home and thousands of dollars because sellers won’t extend and NACA delaying beyond what is already an extra long process.
    All Conditions Addressed was submitted December 30th. The appraisal was completed at the end of December, but it took 6 days to post on to my NACA account.
    Still waiting.

    any help would be greatly appreciated


    How long has it said this? I believe this means the UW are still looking at it and just haven’t finished yet.


    Contact to the NACA and know why your account is showing pend-incomplete?

    I hope your problem will be solved asap.


    My file just went to this status. My home isnt complete until 1/31 so I have sometime. But I would like to know what this status means. I was at Underwriting Clear to Close before it went to this. I havent recieved a commitment letter yet either :/


    @alittledesperate any updates or info on your status?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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