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    My landlord is being 100% uncooperative in this process. I no longer have a copy of my lease since I have been in the home for 13 years, he will not send me a copy. He is refusing to return the Verification of Rent. I just had another intake appointment and my MC said she has some info to try to get him to cooperate but if not I would need to seek legal help.

    If needed I am able to stay with a family member until we are able to get into our own home. My question is we already have the 3 months payment shock. If we move in with family, will we need to start our payment shock savings all over again? I know we need to show 6 months of payment shock if we are not paying rent, but will that 6 months start from the time we move in with family or will the 3 months we already have saved still count and we only need to show 3 more months.

    I’m really at a loss at this point with this landlord. I don’t understand why he would choose to not help the situation rather than keep going in this manner, but I have to prepare for everything. I appreciate everyone’s help.

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    It seems to me that you’ll be fine living with a relative as long as you continue to save the amount you were paying in rent plus your payment shock amount each month.


    I’d be interested in knowing why your landlord is refusing. I might also verbally suggest to your landlord legal action can be taken.


    @Nelsont the landlord wants to sell the property and wants it vacant. He sent us a lease termination letter in February but since has accepted rent each month from us and at the end of February agreed to let us stay in the property. Each time I have asked him for anything he just comes back with “you need to leave, I’m going to evict you”.

    However I did talk to my MC who said underwriting advised they can use the lease termination letter along with my bank statements showing the rent being paid each month. I have been very upfront about the whole situation both with the landlord and my MC. I would prefer to avoid legal action because of the cost but if necessary I will have no choice I guess.

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