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    Hi all,

    Has anybody used an outside realtor? How was your experience? Aside from attending the NACA realtor webinar, what else they have to complete? Is it better to just use an in-house realtor? What are the PROS and CONS?



    Pro: you can choose who you like best

    Con: if they have never gone through NACA it will be a learning process and there may have the same questions as you have

    I used an outside agent. My local office only has 1 agent and is equally as overworked as the counsellers. My agent was willing to go through the learning process with me and turned out to be on top of his game and a great negotiator.


    I’m using an outside realtor. They just need to understand how NACA works and how ‘extra’ they need to be. They really need to know it’s different and longer than they may be used.


    I have started the searching process with an in house realtor, but I am seriously considering switching to outside realtor because both of the in house realtors feel as though I should be able to make a decision based off of looking at 5 houses. I did my research on the houses that I did look at, but I feel like looking at pictures online is so deceiving.


    Looking at pictures online IS deceiving! I COMPLETELY changed my wish list once I got “boots on the ground”.

    Unfortunately for your situation you will run into this occasionally with any agent. While NACA agents are salaried many regular agents are commissioned and are more interested in making the sale 1. the sale and 2. a big sale at that.

    Shop around. No agent should ever tell you that you have to make a decision based on a limited sample size.


    I had to fire an outside agent because she kept trying to get me to speak to loan officers even though she knew I was going through the NACA program. I spoke briefly with an In-house agent and Im just not sure about that either.


    Choosing an agent is like interviewing candidates for a job opening. Essentially that what it is – you have an opening for a position that requires someone to help you buy a house. You need that person to meet your criteria. You may luck out and get a great person immediately or you may need to go through a few before you find someone with whom you are comfortable.

    An in-house agent will offer you the knowledge of the system. An outside agent gives you the benefit of choosing. A good agent will meet with you face to face, possibly at a Starbucks, and get to know you before you ever look at a house.

    Either way do not let finding an agent discourage you. Having an agent is obviously a non-negotiable requirement.

    Try submitting a request through an online brokerage firm like Redfin or Zillow. When you schedule the appointment to tour the house or request more info explain in the comment box that you are working with NACA and need a NACA certified agent. They should reach out to you within a day. Explain your situation. Start interviewing them.


    One question i have regarding outside realtors, is are there any additional fees associated with using them? I was just re-reading some stuff on the NACA website and came across this during step 5 of the “Steps to Homeownership” section:

    “Approved NACA and lender settlement agent to provide settlement services;
    Note: when using an approved settlement agent, the participating lender pays the settlement agent’s fees and closing costs; however, if you request another settlement agent, he/she must be approved by both NACA and the lender and you are likely to incur significant additional costs.”

    Does this have to do with outside realtors or is this something else?

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    Something else.

    The settlement agent is the person at the title company drawing up the settlement papers and facilitating the settlement (aka closing). Part of the costs incurred in closing is paying the title company their fee for performing the service of drafting the paperwork but, as long as you choose a NACA recommended title company these fees are paid by BOA along with every other fee.

    When you go to close you will sit down at a table at the local naca office with your agent, the seller, the seller’s agent and the settlement agent from the title company. The settlement agent will be the one asking you to sign everything. Your MC probably won’t be present.

    Also in my area at the purchase workshop we were given a choice of 2 title companies and told 1 is highly recommended but using either is non-negotiable and using another is not allowed. It didn’t matter much I had a great experience with the one I chose.

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    Ah, ok. I had never heard the term settlement agent before, so I was just wondering what that was. So they are from the title company, ok. I would just use whoever is NACA approved in our area, then.

    Thanks for the great response as always @Nelsont! You are always very helpful 🙂


    Hello everyone,

    I need helping locating a Realtor that works with NACA in the Orlando area. Does anyone have someone they can recommend?

    Thank you in advance.

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