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    3/16- hey Ya’ll I did a thing! We closed on our house
    3/17- Had the engineer out to the property to begin the measurements for the HAND repairs

    3/18- We moved into our new house. It was so quiet it was eerie. I have no doubts we’ll get used to no neighbor noise soon enough. Our street is extra quiet because it’s a dead end 🙂

    3/20- Structural Engineer (Will be project managing the repair) Registered as a NACA Vendor

    Share any questions and I’ll continue to answer them the best I could. I’ll keep posting updates until we are done with the HAND Post-Close Repair Process in case that helps anyone too.

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    Congratulations @Home4Three!


    what a journey, congratulations!


    Congrats! So happy for you @Home4Three. Hopefully I will be closing Friday. I can’t really get excited because I still haven’t received my closing disclosure.:-(


    I’m right behind you now. I just received my closing disclosure electronically 2 hours ago. I can’t wait to close. 🙂




    @home4three Did the UW ever have you send in a letter about your student loans even though you were not going to be on the mortgage loan with your husband?
    My husband and I are doing the same – but my MC just told us today the condition of the UW is that I submit a letter about my student loans – I just don’t understand why I would have to. If you did can you please let know what kind of template did you use?
    Thank you in advance.


    @rayofhope. No Unfortunately it was never a UW Condition, Nothing about my student loans was ever an issue or concern in the purchase. The only letter I ever had to write from myself, was when I “gave” my husband a gift of $2,500. Sorry! Wish I could help more


    Hello rayofhope,

    The reason you need the letter is very simple, and the same reason that we require that all persons over 18 in the household participate in the process, whether or not their name will be on the loan. Every person’s finances will affect the total household financial picture.

    For example, if the person who is going to be on the loan is supporting another household member, including paying their bills each month, that affects the picture and possibly the affordability greatly.

    It’s still a household, regardless of who will or will not be named on the loan, and the overall household situation is what really matters.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

Viewing 9 posts - 61 through 69 (of 69 total)
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