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    I heard about NACA through a random Facebook group in January or February 2019. I attended a purchase workshop an hour away from my home in March 2019 on a whim. No one in my area had heard NACA and I was suspicious of NACA being some sort of scam or scheme. It took me a year from that initial visit in March 2019 to get qualified and I entered into a contract for home in April 2020. Although it was a 45 day contract, repairs and a HUGE title issues caused additional delay (nearly six weeks worth).

    The title company finally had everything they needed to submit to BOA on June 18th. I got my initial closing disclosure on June 23rd (A TERIFFIC TACO TUESDAY!). I got a email this morning, June 24th, saying CLEAR TO CLOSE FINAL!!!!! Y’all Taco is TIRED but over the moon. We close on Monday! I would post my timeline, but things were so out of order once we went under contract. It is always darkest before the dawn, and I hope that this update will inspire others that find themselves wondering if everything will work itself out. It CAN and it WILL, but don’t forget the 3 Ps of NACA: Be polite, be patient, and be persistent.



    Congratulations @Taco! I had never heard of NACA before either and was glad that I went to the presentation in my town. I was a remote client throughout the entire process but it was grueling at times but well worth it. I was able to purchase a brand new home built from the ground up and I am a Non-Priority member. I can’t stress enough that people need to hang in there and trust the process; it can and will happen. Get them boxes moving and God Bless!

    Queen Meeks

    Congrats!!! Send some of that my way. I’m in the qualification process


    Thanks @taco, I needed this. And a big congratulations! I’m quite frustrated, we’ve been under contract since 5/1 and we still have no clue where things are at. I finally heard from the HAND department this past weekend, which was a blessing. But our webfile says “loan suspended due to identity alert for Nichole; nothing is needed at this time; please allow 24-48 hours to process SSA-89”. The kicker? Its said that for going on 10 days now. I don’t see us going anywhere quickly and I’ve followed up with my MC on this only for him to tell me that he and the underwriter have already pushed it back to the bank that they disagreed with the condition. The seller agreed to push closing on the 30th, but I just don’t see that happening if the bank can’t get on the same page as NACA.

    Seeing messages like yours reminds me that even though my struggle is different I just need to push through.


    OMG MAMAS! sooooo excited for you! I got an action plan and I just need to save $451 for 6 months worth of payment shock. Im hoping to close by Dec. or January. This feeling is surreal! Get to packing ! Blessings to you and yours.


    Taaccooo IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! About time girl! It’s over!

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    YAY!! Very happy for you @Taco.


    I haven’t been on here much but this is the first thing I read when I got back. @Taco I am literally smiling ear to ear for you. Overjoyed to hear about such a blessing!!! So proud that you kept pushing through. Here comes that light at the end of the tunnel shinning super bright!!


    Congrats @taco


    Congratulations! This gives me hope. I’m currently 46 days under contract with a week past closing. Trying my best to be patient but the anticipation of course is killing me. You’ve made it to the finish line and so can we. You deserve this.


    Congrats @Taco !!! So happy for you!


    be assertive and persistent! and everything will work out

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