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    We can all attest that this is a CRAZY market, but please share if you have recently gotten your offer accepted. If so, can you please provide any tips and tricks for the rest of us on how to get our NACA offer accepted? My realtor and I are out here grinding our butts off, throwing offers out left and right, just to be declined repeatedly. Please help!!


    Here’s a thought and it comes with a considerable amount of risk. Have you thought about increasing your EMD? Instead of the typical 1% or 3% in some areas how about 5%? It shows you are serious, have the money and are vested in the transaction – unlikely to walk away from it. The risk is all EMDs can be taken without return by the seller if the contract falls through under certain circumstances. So more money to lose.


    Thanks for your advice, @Nelsont. My realtor and I just had this discussion and we are set to increase my EMD’s moving forward. We are also bidding $10-15k over asking price. Hopefully, this new combination works in our favor.


    This is why we are going with a new built or modular here in NC houses are going like hot cakes here today gone tomorrow.


    I understand your frustration. We put in 2-3 offers a week for 6 weeks before finding a home that would accept our offer. My real estate agent said that many other agents are reluctant to work with NACA or they don’t know them so they go with another offer. In our area, there are lines for each home and most homes end up with over 25 offers, many cash with no contingencies. We happened to get a home that has not been taken care of for in at least 15 years and has renters living in it. We offered $25k over asking. The offer was accepted on 3/16/21 and the sellers just gave the tenants 30 days notice to move out on 4/16/21 (one month into our contract). The home needs work (new electrical, HVAC, kitchen, bathrooms, floors) and we won’t be able to get it all done through NACA but it is in our ideal neighborhood and we can afford it. These are the factors that made this house a hard sell to cash investors and made our deal stand out.


    I suggest looking at homes that have been on the market longer, if possible. The home I ultimately closed on had been on the market for months and had a tenant in it. The seller was eager to sell, so I was able to come in below asking. The house is in decent shape, but there are some updates I will be doing in the future. The market is DEFINITELY crazy right now!


    I can relate to this. I just closed recently. My offer contained the following:
    – 20K over asking
    – 10K EMD
    – As IS
    – Appraisal bridge up to 12K (ended up not needing this because the house appraised for more than offer)

    I had to get advice from my MC on this. Try checking in with your MC to ask what contracts he/she has received and what the terms were.

    I also agree with Members mentioning homes that have been on the market a while. I was close to putting an offer in on a home that had DROPPED their price because they couldn’t find anyone. They needed a rent-back though so I decided against it.

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    I purchased a condo, and I know that market is a bit different, but this is what worked for me:

    1) quick offer – I had an offer in within 24-hours of it being back on the market (after another buyer fell through).
    2) my realtor called and educated the listing agent about NACA before the offer was placed. She answered lots of questions and prepped them for things we’d need to do to close on time.
    3) we agreed to a 30-day close. The sellers had an offer in and needed to buy before they lost their rate. We actually closed on day 34, which was good.
    4) I wrote a letter to the sellers. In the letter, I mostly spoke about the home and that I would do everything possible to close quickly. I also happened to notice that the seller and I worked in a similar field, so I added my occupation to my intro. I think it made an impact because she mentioned it when I met her briefly at the final walkthrough.

    I had 3 failed offers before this one and there weren’t really any other options in my area.

    I paid asking price and got about $4k in seller credits. My price was $6k under appraisal.


    I would suggest writing a letter to the seller telling them a little about yourself and what purchasing their home would mean to you and your family. Don’t be afraid to share and even pull some heart strings if necessary. I know several people who did this and got the house they really wanted even with other offers coming in higher and with more favorable conditions to the seller. Sometimes a heartfelt plea and extra EMD works. Good luck!

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