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    Hi everyone, I recently got NACA qualified (yesterday!!!) and found out via NACA alert. I have my next appt with my counselor on the 20th. I am looking for an agent to get started on my home search specifically someone who knows Brooklyn and NJ markets and who has short sale experience. Any recommendations out there?

    Also, welcome any advice you all can share as I start this journey!


    I’m working with Todd Seward who is a NACA realtor. I have to he has been a God send. I love the man. Now I know that he knows NJ. (I am moving from the Bronx) but I don’t know about the Brooklyn area. I am happy to give you his info if you would like. It may be hard to find someone who can cover both NJ and NYC since they are both pretty big and diverse markets. (But you never know!)


    Thank you! i would appreciate the contact information.


    His name is Todd Seward (As I said) Phone # (212) 920-9339 /

    Very knowledgeable, he has walked me through all of this and explained everything every step of the way. He got me my lawyer and inspectors (all NACA cleared). He’s worked with a ton of NACA clients. I really have had a marvelous experience with him. I’m cleared-to-close and just waiting on a closing date and I owe a lot to his guidance.


    @cflournoy have you already gone through the Purchase Workshop. If not, then that would be the next step.
    I just got qualified this past Friday and went ahead to register for the Purchase Workshop this coming Thursday.

    With qualification letter in hand, after the workshop then it will be off to the races for me.


    Hi there cflournoy,

    Congratulations on your qualification!

    I recommend either contacting your local office for a recommendation or you can contact our Real Estate department via email at and they would be able to point you in the right direction for choosing an agent. Also, now that you’re qualified make sure to attend the Purchase Workshop which is hosted every Thursday from 6pm to 7:30pm EST.

    Online Operations, NACA


    @sweetlilly I am going to the purchase workshop on Thursdays as well! super excited.

    Thank you @abrielstange. I will do that post purchase workshop.


    I would also recommend Todd Seward. He was my realtor from Sept 2019 until I closed in January 2020. I moved from Queens to NJ. Todd is knowledgeable, patient and very responsive. Trust me that through this process you will have questions,so a competent realtor will allay your fears. Finally, he’s a NACA realtor, which, in my experience, was best to assist with navigating the search and home buying process. Good luck and I hope you find your forever home soon!


    Definitely reach out to Todd Seward! Similar to some of the other people posted I am from NY and I’m looking to purchase in NJ. I am currently working with him. He is very knowledgeable and PATIENT. He listened to all of my concerns and helped me find an amazing property in 2 weeks! I am currently in credit access for this property and he is still such a source of information and supports you cant go wrong with him.


    If anyone is looking for an in-house NJ realtor, I would highly recommend Todd Seward Phone # (212) 920-9339 /

    I was originally assigned to him. He has been extremely responsive and knowledgeable throughout this whole process. He is always accessible and patient in answering all your questions, and genuinely trying to help you with your dream home. In a sellers market -everyone knows how stressful this has been and Todd is a great person to work with due to his high success in closing NACA deals in the NJ areas.


    As echoed above, highly recommend Todd Seward. I was initially drawn to him based off of his background of being a social worker. That told me he has good listening skills, cared about others and knew the value in relationships. I also kept hearing his name in the NYC Facebook groups. I started with an outside realtor and then a month later switched to Todd, I am so happy I did. He is so knowledgeable, familiar with many areas of NJ and has positive relationships with key staff within NACA. He really goes hard in advocating! I’m currently under contract after working with him for a month. Thankful to have such a great in house realtor.


    I’m currently using Todd Seward for my move to New Jersey. Right now I have an accepted offer and am awaiting my clear to close. This process has been super stressful just because of the nature of the market. When I tell you I am so glad we chose Todd! Whew.. there are so many moving parts to this program. Todd has walked us through each moving part with ease. I actually told him the other day that he could’ve very well be the realtor, MC, lawyer… he knows everything. Not sure where we would be without him. If you choose to go the Naca route you definitely will win with Todd. He really looks out for your best interest.


    thanks for sharing!

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