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    I have questions and would like to know how to address these issues that the underwriter pointed out for us to be qualified.

    1. I have been working consistently for the last 1 year and 4 months and my husband has over 2 years employment history. Prior to this I was employed in another country not paying taxes in the US, since I was not a US PR or citizen then, I just moved to the US less than 2 years ago. The underwriter asked for 2 years employment history.
    a) How do I meet this condition of 2 years employment history? I wrote a LOE to explain this, but is there anything else needed?

    2. I have less than 2 years residential history in the US, like previously stated I have only lived in the US for less than 2 years. I wrote a LOE to try satisfy this condition.
    a) Is there anything else I need to do to try meet this condition?
    b) Will our file be treated differently since I don’t have those 2 years employment history and residential history?

    could you please speak to this?


    Hello LUWA,

    Did someone tell you that the two-year employment requirement could simply be waived with an LOE because you have been in the US less than two years? While it is not impossible to be qualified based on having spent some of the last two years working in another country for a foreign employer, I’m afraid whomever told you that that an LOE was all that was needed was seriously mistaken.

    The requirement of a minimum of two years contiguous employment with no gaps of 30 days or longer is an absolute unless you can show that you were in school or other activities with the specific purpose of improving your employability. Otherwise the two-year work history must be verified. What is most likely to stop you in a situation like yours is because it may be nearly impossible to verify work history or income with an overseas employer.

    NACA policy specifically states, “Members coming from or working in other countries must have at least two years total employment history with the most recent one-year documented in this country and the most recent 1040 tax returns.”

    In other words, unless you can provide the means for us to verify your employment outside the US, you simply aren’t eligible yet. Your husband is okay and you can proceed based on his income alone, but your income can’t be considered for another eight months. Unfortunately, that means patience is quite possibly your only solution to get your income included.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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