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    We are non priority members, therefore we are limited to where we can purchase. Trying to find a home in the area where the income median is 100% and under is difficult. In the case of new construction property there is no data for the median income requirements. Does this mean non priority members can purchase there if no data exist for these new construction communities?


    Are there other inhabited or for sale properties in the area? Just cause it’s a new community doesn’t mean there isn’t a median income. I believe you shouldn find a property address that’s close to the new community (same city/township/county).


    Can someone help me in being able to pull ONLY the 99.99% median income zones, area’s in Prince George’s County Maryland? Finding properties on real estate sites, and house hunting is very frustrating because all the homes that are worth living in are over 99.99.
    Pulling up homes and then having to enter each address in the site only to find that the home is out of NACA’ non priority restrictions is also frustrating. I want to just pull up all the for sale homes in our county that the median income is 99.99 or below. Is that possible?


    It is possible. But it’s not commercially available to my knowledge.

    There is no website or program that does this because the parameters you are searching under are naca specific parameters. Naca would have to develop an app that pulls data from ffiec.

    With that said there was a member about 6 months ago who happened to be a programmer and developed their own app to do just this. I can’t remember the posters name and I don’t know if the app is even still public but they did share a link.

    As far as worth goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m in Maryland and fairly familiar with pg county. The trendy areas are near moco and the national harbor. Unfortunately as a non priority member you will almost certainly have to limit your search to closer to southeast dc or up near laurel. Have you tried Indian head or acokeek?

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    @virgozbest same issue I had considering we live in a high-income MSA. The neighborhood that Iā€™m building (Capital Court) is at 99.98% so I barely made it in. Apparently, updated numbers are released in September and thus you might imagine, incomes will have increased making it even harder to find a nice area to buy as a non-priority member.


    I was in the same situation. I used google maps to find a landmark, business or older residence that is close to the property/area that I was interested in purchasing. From there, I used the address of the comparison property and selected “User Select Tract” to pin point the exact location (Blue Dot) of the property/area .

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