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    (Sigh) So there’s no way around the non-priority rule? I’m so heartbroken. New community being built in a great area…has a pond & walking trails & the best part, VERY affordable. I was so nervous to check the geomap & had my fingers crossed but as I feared, it’s over the tract median by 7%!!! Everywhere I would stay is over the median in my area. ? I wish they’d just allow us to bring more money to the table as an exception. Maybe when they calculate our income wr’ll magically be considered as priority ?


    I’m concerned about this as well. I been looking into possible areas I would like to live in and they all seem to be over 100% by just a SMALL percentage. I’m trying not to get discouraged.


    I definitely feel you. New communities by us are within the median but almost sold out! Worried we won’t qualify in time.


    Keep the faith @Peach0991

    Hopefully something will open up in that area or immediately adjacent to it. The neighborhoods I loved were way over the tract median. Am now under contract on a house 1.5 miles away from the neighborhoods I loved. Hopefully the same will work for you. Best of luck

    ? taco ?


    Talk to your counselor. There were so many areas showing over the limit when I used that map but when I talked to my counselor he sent me a list of all of the areas I could purchase and it included all of those places that were showing over the limit. I don’t think the map is very accurate.


    what state do you live in?


    being that im non priority its been hard to find a house in the area that i like tmi is over 100. i have one month before my 180 days are up. Does anyone know if naca give extension?


    The only thing that happens is your file will be re reviewed. You can stay idle as long as you need to.


    Thnks everyone for the reply..Im going to keep the faith! Hopefully God leads us to a great home


    @krr343 I wonder do all counselora provide a list of areas for non priority. I hadnt seen anyone else mention it. sounds like you had a great MC. If they’re using a diffetent list other than the geopmap, thats the list i want LOL


    I specifically asked about it at my intake appointment so he gave me a list.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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