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    Yeah, I am not sure what you mean by success either. But if you know what you’re looking for, have a good idea on your local market and what your budget is, you should be able to buy anywhere. If you are below the median income in your area, then you should be able to buy anywhere in that area without restrictions.

    I am not sure why it would matter that your county is not a “city like Chicago”? Why would that matter? I am buying in a suburb in Lake County, it’s nothing like Chicago either.


    The reason why I said that is because in my area not a lot of people have heard about NACA. Many people have said that it’s a program that is geared more towards a city like Chicago. I was just wondering in my county would it be considered a non-priority are.


    The program is first and foremost to advocate against predatory lenders such as Wells Fargo. What the program offers is the ability for lower and moderate income individuals and individuals with past financial issues to buy houses when they otherwise would not be able to. You tend to see a lot more of this in urban areas but, as @peapod0609 mentioned you can buy anywhere. As long as naca operates in your area (which they do) a seller cannot turn you away on the basis of not wanting to work with naca because that is housing discrimination and is considered a federal crime.


    @nelsont Thank you very much for that explanation, it helped a lot. I know a few families besides myself that could benefit from NACA. I would love to get the word out about NACA in my area as much as I can.


    Congratulations @Peapod0609. Everyone using NACA should get familiar with or know someone who has used:


    I have a similar problem. We were waiting on our PSL from our MC this morning only to be told we were not considered priority members. 1st, this Status has never been mentioned during this entire process and our affordability letter states that we are priority members. 2nd, I checked the median income before we began the process so that I would know what to expect and we fall below the listed median income. Our MC keeps telling us that the median for Morrisville, NC is $75100 but the FFIEC website says it is $93100. Our income falls just under this amount. Additionally the house we want to purchase also fall under the same $93100 median income.

    My home tract code is 0532.23 Raleigh/Cary median percentage 152.55%

    The tract code for my intended purchase is 0532.05 Raleigh/Cary median percentage 135.15%

    Can someone please explain what I am missing? We spoke to our counselor on the phone and emailed back and forth a few times. I have sent screenshots showing this information and he suddenly stopped replying.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated.


    @the4byrds: who is your counselor?

    FFIEC website is right, counsellor doesn’t matter. Many don’t know things they are supposed know and are getting paid for.

    You have qualification letter. Just ask your MC to submit bank application (good luck with that). If that doesn’t work or work poorly, contact your regional (good luck with that). If that doesn’t work, contact NACA service department/closing department/@ttrumble/CEO (good luck with that). Finally pray. Personal experience with Raleigh office. In the end it worked out but any insights on why things did or didn’t work would help for advising others and future guidance.

    I hope I am not breaking any forum guidance here.


    @the4byrds yes, that sounds exactly to the letter the same issue I had with my MC. I have no idea how this even happened, as everything pointed to us being priority members. Part of the issue I think for me was that I was purchasing in a separate MSA than the one I lived, so my MC started going by the Chicago MSA that I LIVED in instead of the Lake County MSA where I was PURCHASING. Funnily enough, even if I WAS purchasing in the Chicago MSA, my income was just barely under that amount for a priority member, anyway. So it was all very weird. A bunch of emails and a slightly tense phone call did not seem to help the issue at all. We weren’t getting anywhere. So I ended up contacting the regional director by the advice of @Ttrumble and the director straightened it out same day.

    My advice, copy your office’s manager on your emails. If you don’t know who that is, call your local office and find out, and maybe also see if you can speak to them on the phone. Try that first, and if that does not help the situation, call member services and ask if you can be put in contact with your regional manager. My regional manager said I should have gone through the office manager first, but he did get the situation fixed.

    Looking at the info you provided, it sounds like you should be a priority member. I see the Raleigh-Cary, NC MSA is $93,100 as you said, and it seems that your MC might have gotten the $75,100 number from the Durham-Chapel Hill, NC MSA. Looking at the geomap and the FFIEC MSA data, it appears that you are right. But for whatever reason, MC’s sometimes have a hard time with this.

    One final note, the purchase price of the house being under the median income for the MSA in irrelevant, that doesn’t matter at all. It is all about how much money you make. Get verification on exactly what NACA calculated your income as and make sure it is under that $93,100 amount, too.


    @Peapod0609 thank you for sharing. One of the most important things we have to remember is that we are all human and make mistakes, (NACA counselors included). I know from my homebuying experience with NACA you have to be your own advocate, especially when you know there has been an oversight. Can’t wait for your closing, congratulations on putting in your offer.


    Hi Everyone,

    , @Peapod0609 thank you so much for your input and for reassuring me that I have my facts straight. I still have not gotten a reply, but I know they have been busy with the Achieve the Dream events for the past several weeks. It is just frustrating that in the time we spent emailing back and forth he could have simply verified that all of the information was correct (I am almost certain he is looking at the tiny part of Morrisville that is in Durham County, but I am in Wake County). Now I feel like I am being ignored (I am trying not to “go there”). It also does not help that the Counselor helping me apparently is the Regional Director, so it seems that the only other help I can possibly get would be from Bruce Marks himself. I do not enjoy going over people’s heads but I also will not allow someone to toss me to the side either. We are at a point in the process where each step is extremely time-sensitive and I don’t have weeks to wait for someone to make a simple correction. I am truly at a loss, but at least I have finally stopped crying. @pratik I have been praying through this entire tumultuous process. LOL

    On a somewhat positive note I was able to find a property that is within a priority area, but it costs more than the one I want and needs work.

    Thanks again, everyone!

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    @the4byrds – I hear you. Same story with me. Raleigh office is inefficient, contrary to the impression I received from @ttrumble and my real-estate agent (who already left NACA out of frustration from inefficiencies). The MC there are not supervised as the regional director is busy with the ATD events and Raleigh office keeps up with inefficient MCs there who get the pay while regional director multitasks while spreading himself thin and do the work on NACA members’ files without much attention to details. The CEO won’t respond even if you try. Whether you enjoy going over people’s head or not is irrelevant. My file was delayed by 4 months and I almost lost the house, and I had to pester everyone at every level enough that I apparently aversed everyone including arguably the friendliest @ttrumble (facepalm). Here is what I would recommend: call AND email relevant parties every 3 days (or more frequently if you see any updates). NACA closing department is the final authority and they feel proud telling you on phone that they are the final authority to close on your house and regional director/online operation coordinator/CEO won’t help.
    Since apparently your bank application has not been filed, it is premature to call NACA closings by phone, but you can still try and ask for an advice. Definitely call member services and explain that you need to submit bank application. When they say contact your MC, request that the MC (who is regional director in your case, just like many Raleigh NACA members) is not available because of ATD and that you are happy to get some remote MC who can file your bank application. You should definitely call Raleigh NACA office and even go there in person depending on your availability/energy/persistence.
    Since you are a priority member (as determined by the location of the property you want to buy), you can buy anywhere you want.
    I do not understand the idea of ATD when there is months-long backlog of NACA members. I know I am definitely missing something, but from the NACA members’ point of view I find it less efficient to host ATD when there is tremendous opportunity to have a meaningful impact by serving NACA members who have been waiting for months already. @ttrumble can you provide some insights? Again, tremendous amount of man-hours can be saved just by giving facelift to the NACA IT infrastructure, which would cut down on hours of phone call waiting misery and hours of explanation by NACA employees which could have been given by simple automated notification. NACA needs to stop micromanaging and hire responsible and efficient people with a reliable IT framework that is responsive in real-time.

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