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    We received 3 emails from Naca last night; one with our ID, one with information about paying membership fees and the last one was blank. We didn’t receive a password email in order to log in. Does the password email usually come much later?

    I’m also getting everything together to be faxed in and wondered about a couple things. We use electronic banking almost exclusively (through a local credit union) and pay all our bills online.

    1-Will we need to switch our bank/car loan/credit card statements to paper statements or can we print out the statements from the websites?

    2-Our cancelled rent checks are scanned into the bank’s website (front and back) so that we can see them, are we able to print those scans and use them for our documentation or do we need to obtain the original cancelled checks from the bank? We use electronic bill pay so the checks aren’t hand written, they go straight from the bank to our landlord.

    Thanks so much for your help!


    Hi MoxieDoll,

    1) You don’t need to switch to paper statements. Most banking websites allow you download the monthly statements as PDF and you should take advantage of it. Then you can email them as attachments to where XXXXXX is your NACA ID number. Once you received your password, you can login to your webfile and double check to see if NACA received the documents on their side. It will show the date and the number of pages received.

    2) Again, cancelled checks from online are just fine. If you cannot save them as PDF, try printing them as PDF using free software as cutepdf. Try to include the date and url on the page margin if you can when printing them. You can submit them the same way as your submitting your bank or credit statements and my recommendations is to email to since it is so easy and fast.

    To keep all my files organized and to keep track of all the documents I sent to NACA, for any documents (PDFs) I emailed to NACA, I create a subfolder to save them in, e.g. YYYYMMDD so that I can always refer back to them if necessary.



    Thank you so much RT! I was able to get our password and get started, using your advice really helped quite a bit 🙂 Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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