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    Hey ya’ll! I finally got qualified (yayyy!) and there’s a small new construction community in a non-priority area that we love. With that being said, we need to get under contract quickly. Do I even need a realtor or should I just make my appointment with the buildet & move forward? Also, i don’t have my qualification letter yet, just my Affordability Form with all our financials listed. When do I get the qualification letter?


    First, Congratulations! Second, have you attended the purchase workshop? You get your qualification letter maybe a day or 2 after the virtual workshop (you get it at the workshop when they move back to in-person meetings).

    Having an agent is really in your best interest. I do not think it is required though it is highly, highly recommended. Having the qualification letter will be required if you work with an agent (who will be able to navigate the regulations and legalese that are just not present when negotiating for a car loan for example…the agent’s office is also typically who draws up your contract offer which contains purchase and sales regulations and likely state and county issued and required forms and addenda).


    I recommend a realtor as well. I’m purchasing new construction and my realtor had a relationship with the builder that allowed me to receive a design center credit by utilizing her services. She is also the go between any time that something is needed either from the builder or NACA. It is no cost to you and can be very beneficial.


    Thank you @nelsont & @kristijay I will take your advice because we definitely dont know the ends & outs of the process. I did attend the purchase workshop. When i click on the qualification letter it says error or something of that nature. So I’m assuming they just havent attached it yet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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