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    No prob! If my journey helps you to avoid some of the same pitfalls, then that’s a win for me too. Congrats to you as well!


    Thank you! You’ve definitely already been such a major help to me already. On the home stretch now


    Congrats @Kristijay glad every thing went well.

    Good luck. Hopefully we have good closings. My home is scheduled to be done late Feb early March.


    Can someone give me new builds that accept NACA? My realtor is not the swiftest, and I need to start advocating for myself more.


    @snoddywalker It honestly depends on where you are. I’m in PG County MD and went with Dan Ryan, but there were two communities they had that were hands down no NACA. After the community I went with had some hiccups with other NACA purchases, I think I was one of the last few they let use NACA to close. I believe Haverford Homes, Ryan Homes, Lennar, and DR Horton have communities that will let you use NACA around here, but you have to verify with each individual community you’re looking at. I’ll also say, the best thing to do is to get you a really good realtor that knows the ins and outs of NACA. This can really improve your process. Mine wasn’t an in house realtor, but he did close on numerous NACA deals before me and was the biggest help in this whole process.


    I agree with @Jaycee28. There is no list because builders are both largely regional and private organizations.

    In the vast majority of cases builders who claim to not accept naca actually do accept naca. It’s the sales staff not familiar enough or wanting a bigger commission when in reality if you go above their heads to the corporate office you get a positive response.

    The sales staff sees no credit no down payment and no closing costs and immediately assumes the member is in over their head and it’s not worth their time.

    Or they look at everything with dollar signs and think the sale won’t get them anything.

    Now of course some builders want to do things their way and will not tolerate a closing of more than 30 days or a closing that isn’t completely on their terms.

    But the bottom line is the only way to find out is ask and while your agent does need to help you out you can’t just sit back and relax either whether you go through naca or not.

    One option is to act like you will be going through the builders financing. You’ll get superb customer service and upgrades and incentives thrown in. But at the last minute instead of applying for financing through the builder tell them you’re going with naca. They are required by law to let you use your own financing if you get a better rate and of course you’ll keep the upgrades and incentives. Sometimes this works.


    What is the name of the new construction builder?

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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